Hillary Clinton and her mouthpieces in the media regularly and loudly call Donald Trump a racist.

Their evidence? Trump’s vow to stop illegal immigration and control our borders even if it takes building a wall.

Trump’s opponents race-bait to divert attention from their own radical No Borders agenda that is devastating to Americans of all races.

Now, Clinton’s successor at the State Department has openly stated what’s long been pursued in secret.

John Kerry told the graduating class at elite Northeastern University to prepare for a “borderless world.”

While Trump’s opponents dishonestly accuse him of preaching race war, they unabashedly call for the destruction of America’s national identity.

A “borderless world” is one of the standard bromides, along with “the new global economy” and “we live in an increasingly globalized world,” trotted out by fuzzy thinkers on the left and right to sound like deep thinkers.

But rather than a profound insight, it is meaningless gibberish.

Let’s start with the notion of “the new global economy.”

To paraphrase our first-grade history lesson: In fourteen hundred and ninety-two / Columbus sailed the ocean blue / The global economy is nothing new.

Queen Isabella, a Spaniard, sent Christopher Columbus, an Italian, to find new routes to trade with Asians. That’s about as global as you can get.

But even then “globalization” was not new. Isabella commissioned Columbus after Constantinople (Istanbul), the Western terminus of the Silk Road to China, fell into Muslim hands, jeopardizing a trade route whose riches fascinated Roman emperors and the Greeks before them.

Like “the global economy,” the project of a “borderless world” is not new, either.

It was once called the British Empire, where the sun never set. The British crown employed advanced technology (sailing ships and industrial production) to build and enforce a globe-spanning economic order where people, goods and money could flow freely under a uniform set of rules.

In this borderless world, some people with names like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton decided we’d do better with our own country where we could make our own rules, thank you very much. The rest, as they say, is history.

While cloaked in a warm and fuzzy “We Are The World” glow, the globalist dogma of a borderless world is fatal to our well-being and our sovereignty.

The graduates hearing Mr. Kerry can ask themselves how will they repay a quarter million dollars in student loan debt when they are forced to compete against Indians who are paid a tenth of what Americans doing the same skilled jobs earn.

It’s also a question asked by millions of Americans who assumed mortgages based on salaries (and property values) that far exceed the norm in the “borderless world” Clinton and company are engineering.

In this “borderless world,” Clinton and company lower the wages of Americans by increasing the number of foreign workers who, through open borders and offshore outsourcing, take jobs from Americans yet work for far less.

While Clinton, Obama and fellow fanatical internationalists issue empty platitudes about a borderless world, Beijing blackmails America’s largest companies to invest inside the borders of the People’s Republic in order to raise China’s living standards and build the Red regime’s military power.

The “borderless world” advocated by John Kerry and his elite ilk spells certain death for our Constitution, our sovereignty and the way of life generations of Americans built to better themselves and their children.

Where are the calls for Hillary Clinton to disavow this treachery?

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