Abu Taubah (Credit: YouTube)

Abu Taubah (Credit: YouTube)

A fundamentalist Muslim imam who hosted an online seminary course attended by Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen – but who denied ties to the “gay” nightclub murderer – told Greta Van Susteren during a Fox News interview that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president because according to his faith’s prophet, her anger during her monthly menstruation cycle would make her a poor leader.

“As a Muslim, I object to Hillary Clinton,” said Abu Taubah, who’s also gone by the name of Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a former U.S. Marine who’s worked as a bodyguard for Omar Abdel-Rahman, the “Blind Sheik,” Breitbart reported. The “Blind Sheik” was involved in the 1993 World Trade Center attack.

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He expanded on his views of women in leadership roles, saying the idea wasn’t compatible with his religious beliefs.

“I don’t believe women should be the president of a nation. … [Our prophet] taught us that whenever a woman is in charge, is going to be problems,” he said. “What if she’s on her menses and it’s time to go to war, she going to press the button cause she’s angry? I like Bernie [Sanders].”

As Van Susteren pointed, Taubah was just released from prison for his ties to gangs and for robbing a bank. He denied Mateen ever took classes at his online school, which has been recently renamed Timbuktu Seminary, and said he’d never met the man. Fox News, however, recently reported Mateen was indeed a member of an online group run and operated by Robertson-slash-Taubah.

And on Mateen’s faith, Taubah said he “disavow[ed] the concept of anyone taking the law into their own hand … no one can justify that with Islam.”

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At the same time, Taubah supported the idea of beheading some journalists – saying some actually deserved it – and the Islamic principle of stoning women to death for adultery.

“We stone the person who is an adulterer,” he said, referencing the Quran, Breitbart reported.

And his comment on journalists, in context of discussing the ISIS beheading of journalist James Foley: “I believe some journalists need to be beheaded. But I wouldn’t have done that.” He then backed off that view a bit and said, “I only say that facetiously.”

Van Susteren then asked if he supported America’s attempt to stop ISIS.

His response: “No. Why would – why?”

Van Susteren: “Because they’re beheading Americans.”

To that, he suggested that’s not America’s “business,” Breitbart reported.

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