Democrats are trying for a backdoor crackdown to the Second Amendment, via a mental health bill.

Democrats are trying for a backdoor crackdown to the Second Amendment, via a mental health bill.

A group of Democrats fueled by the Orlando LGBT nightclub murders committed by Omar Mateen – a Muslim who touted his allegiance to ISIS during a 9-1-1 call placed amid the shootings – are planning to slip a couple gun-control measures into a bill by Rep. Tim Murphy that’s supposed to focus on mental health.

The bill, which is slated for House Energy and Commerce Committee consideration on Wednesday, was already under fire for perceived anti-liberty language, as WND previously reported.

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But the gun control measures are new, added just after the Orlando shootings that left 49 dead and 53 injured.

Not all the text is available, but one, from Rep. Tony Cardenas, a Democrat from California, would lift a ban on gun-related research being conducted by federal entities, according to media reports. It comes as the American Medical Association voted this week to declare gun violence a “public health crisis” and to “actively lobby” for the federal government to conduct its own research on firearms, the Hill reported.

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That AMA vote, while largely symbolic, is still a move that gives the powerful medical lobby a step into the political battle over Second Amendment rights, and is the first time the AMA’s deemed gun violate an actual “public health crisis.”

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is due to hold a markup of the mental-health legislation.  It’s not yet clear what other gun-control measures purported to be slid into the bill are slated to do.

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