The ultimate objective of the Muslims who carried out the horrific attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Boston, Fort Hood and other places in the United States is not to strike fear in the hearts of Americans or to kill people.

Terrorism is a tactic, explained former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney in an interview, who contends understanding that fact is crucial to the nation’s security.

While terrorism may be the most visible tactic, it’s one of many employed to fulfill the aim shared by jihadist groups worldwide of establishing Islamic law, or Shariah, throughout the world.

“What we need to understand to see this more clearly is that there is an overarching strategy,” Haney told Daniel Horowitz this week on the podcast “The Conservative Conscience.” “I call it the gravitational force of the global Islamic movement, and that is the implementation of Shariahh law. That’s the actual goal.

“Everything that we see happen around us everywhere, all 28,000 jihad attacks since 9/11, they’re all tactical events for one strategic goal, which is implementation of Shariah law, and as long as we fight tactics we will never win, because tactics change constantly.”

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Yes, the tactics of ISIS are horrible and gruesome, Haney acknowledged, but it is crucial for U.S. policymakers to realize ISIS is working towards a worldwide caliphate ruled by Shariah law. They share that goal with every other Islamic terrorist organization on the planet, even those that employ less brutal tactics.

In that respect, they are on the same team, or part of the same “solar system,” Haney said.

“There’s Jupiter and Mars and Venus and Pluto,” Haney said. “They’re all different planets, and some of them have moons rotating around them, but there’s one thing that they all have in common. They are controlled by the gravitational force of the sun.

“They don’t roam around in the solar system randomly. They have very precise orbits and places in the hierarchy and the structure of the solar system. It’s the same way with the Islamic world, and the solar gravity is Shariah law.”

Some have suggested Omar Mateen was confused, having pledged allegiance to ISIS during his infamous 9-1-1 call after he was investigated by the FBI for contact with a man who fought for al-Qaida in Syria. In 2013, he claimed to be a member of Hezbollah.

But Haney insisted Mateen was not mixed up at all, because ISIS, al-Qaida and Hezbollah all share the same ultimate goal. In fact, Haney said it is the Obama administration that is mixed up.

“They don’t realize that all these groups are overlapping and that they work together, and they have much more in common – Hezbollah has much more in common with Hamas than not – and they have the same strategic goal, implementation of Shariah,” Haney said.

Haney knows all about Islamic terror networks, having spent more than 12 years as a DHS officer primarily focused on Islamic theology and the strategy and tactics of the global Islamic movement. One group he focused extensively on was Tablighi Jamaat. Fearful of offending Muslims, the State Department and the DHS Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties effectively shut down a case he helped develop on the movement and completely deleted another 67 records he compiled on the connections of Tablighi Jamaat members to terrorist organizing and financing.

Haney’s story is chronicled in his eye-opening new book “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”

He told Horowitz the Orlando and San Bernardino shooters both attended mosques that were part of the network he had been monitoring as part of the Tablighi Jamaat Initiative. Haney believes that if the initiative had been allowed to continue, both attacks might have been prevented.

The Obama administration, he said, has moved away from a law enforcement-based counter-terrorism approach to a policy it calls “Countering Violent Extremism,” focused on protecting the civil liberties of Muslims. Horowitz, a senior editor at Conservative Review and author of the forthcoming book “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America,” said the administration’s actions regarding terrorism and Muslims are outrageous.

“Something unique about Obama, more than any other Democratic president in the past – he has done things that are so scandalous that in some ways it actually helps him,” Horowitz commented. “Because they’re so scandalous people can’t believe them to be true, and they tune it out.

“In this case, try telling people that not only do you have the government ignoring Islamic terror, and creating this CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) agenda, focused on ‘right-wing extremism’ instead of where the problem is, but you have Muslim Brotherhood figures at the highest levels of our Homeland Security and counter-terrorism apparatus inspiring, drafting, influencing these policies at its highest level.”

Looking over FBI’s shoulder

Haney said agents of the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations – a group shown by FBI evidence to be a front for the Muslim Brotherhood – have been sitting in the room with FBI officers while they interview members of the Fort Pierce, Florida, mosque Omar Mateen attended.

He said this is significant because CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terror-financing trial in American history.

“The FBI is supposed to be prohibited from interacting with CAIR, so you tell me what is going on here,” Haney said.

The determined whistleblower said he went to Congress 45 times between 2011 and his retirement from DHS in 2015 to try and warn congressmen about the nature of the terrorist threat, including the threat from members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Tablighi Jamaat networks. And yet, he said members of Congress are only “slowly” waking up to the threat, even after the Orlando shooting.

Haney offered an ominous warning for Congress members who hear his words but fail to act on them.

“If they’re not careful, they’re going to end up being caught on the wrong side of history; and if you get caught on the wrong side of history you become frozen in time,” he cautioned. “You turn into a stone because history is a very fierce judge, and once she casts her eye on you she never blinks.

“Members of Congress and this administration are on the verge of being frozen in time for being on the wrong side of history; so I hope that they wake up soon. There’s a little time left, but not a whole lot.”

Horowitz, for his part, offered a practical solution in the wake of the Orlando massacre. He said it’s about time for the nation’s leaders to realize America is under assault from dangerous people, not dangerous guns.

“Part of the CVE agenda,” Horowitz said to Haney, “is to focus on inanimate objects. So now we have a national dialogue about guns, but not about what you have alluded to in this book, what you have warned about, which are the assault people that we’ve brought into our country. And we’ve allowed to be placed into leadership positions to radicalize these communities, and then these people are placed in the highest levels of our DHS, FBI counter-terrorism apparatus.”

Horowitz concluded: “Everything the Democrats are saying about guns, let’s do it about the actual assault people and networks. Let’s focus on where the problem really is.”

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