Omar Mateen, his wife, Noor Salman, and their 3-year-old. (Credit: CNN)

Omar Mateen, his wife, Noor Salman, and their 3-year-old. (Credit: CNN)

Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen transferred ownership of his home to his brother-in-law and sister only two months before his Orlando massacre  – with his wife signing as a witness in the transaction – possibly giving his family clear indications that he planned to become a “martyr” before he murdered 49 Americans and injured 53 more.

The explosive new details were uncovered by Counter Jihad Editor in Chief Paul Sperry, who is a former Washington bureau chief of WND.

Also, the London Daily Mail reports, “Mateen may have given his wife access to bank accounts and taken out life insurance policies in the past few weeks.”

Property records show Mateen sold his Port St. Lucie, Florida, home to his Afghan brother-in-law, Mustafa Abasin, and Mateen’s sister, Sabrina Abasin on April 5.

Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, is listed as a witness to the transaction.


Several reports indicate Salman may be charged as an accessory to Mateen, as she accompanied her husband when he cased targets and purchased ammunition. Salman, Mateen’s second wife, married him in 2011. She told authorities she noticed Mateen’s behavior had changed in the lead-up to the terror attack, and she tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade him against committing any acts of violence.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Abasin “has refused to deny that he knew about the shooter’s plans to commit a massacre at Pulse nightclub.”

The news site said Abasin “refused to comment, saying he couldn’t talk.”

“When put it to him that there was a suggestion that this meant he knew about his plans for the shooting ahead of time and, ‘Did you know?’ He said, ‘I will not comment. I will not comment,” the Daily Mail reported. “When asked if he had been questioned by the FBI and if he was helping them with their investigation he refused to comment.”

Daily Mail confronts Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen's brother-in-law on June 17

Daily Mail confronts Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s brother-in-law on June 17

The Daily Mail noted that the three-bedroom, two bathroom, 1,740-square foot home is worth an estimated $165,000.

After transferring ownership of the property, Mateen reportedly moved into an apartment in Fort Pierce owned by Abasin and his sister.

Sperry notes that Abasin, 43, was born in Afghanistan and has been questioned by federal investigators. The FBI is also investigating family connections in Afghanistan.

“Abasin is listed on state articles of incorporation papers as a founding director of a pro-Taliban nonprofit group set up by Mateen’s father, Seddique Mir Mateen,” Sperry writes. “Abasin’s wife, Sabrina Seddique Abasin, also sits on its board.

“And Afghani immigrant, the senior Mateen founded The Durand Jirga Inc. in 2010 to support the Taliban and the tribal region it controls along the Afghan-Pakistani border.”

Abasin posted a paper online in Farsi that blasted Afghans who have embraced American culture and criticized tribal chiefs who fail to disavow democracy in Afghanistan.

After the Orlando terror attack, Abasin took to social media to blame the massacre on guns.

He also says GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump is “racist” for proposing a temporary ban on Muslim immigration and accused the billionaire of planning “refugee camps.”

Abasin told the Los Angeles Times he didn’t believe Mateen could carry out an attack like the massacre in Orlando.

“Omar was a very good guy,” he told the Times. “You know, right now I feel that I am grieving. I’m not awake. It’s unbelievable. It wasn’t him.”

When ABC News called the listed address for Mateen, Abasin picked up the phone and told reporters, “We are in shock, and we are sad.”

Sperry notes that Abasin’s social media accounts list him as a health insurance broker with Allianze and his wife as a cosmetologist. Abasin’s Facebook page indicates he is a member of the Association of Pakistani-Americans of Central Florida and the Iranian  Cultural Society of Greater Miami-ICS.

Sabrina Abasin is a registered Democrat, like her brother, is a registered Democrat. Seddique Mir Mateen contributed to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2015.

“Abasin appears to be obsessed with AIDS,” Sperry writes. “Earlier this year, he searched and downloaded an article, ‘How to prevent the transmission of HIV AIDS virus,’ and just days before his brother-in-law attacked the gay club in Orlando, he tweeted out a complaint about CNN’s series about the 1980’s decade, arguing it focuses too much on AIDS and the gay community.”

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