A “fed-up” Florida Gov. Rick Scott called out President Obama during an appearance on Fox News Friday, saying the president “isn’t doing enough to destroy ISIS,” while also denouncing the focus on gun control in the wake of the terror massacre that killed 49 people at an Orlando “gay” club.

“The Second Amendment didn’t kill any of these individuals. Evil killed them. ISIS killed them. Radical Islam killed them. We’ve had the Second Amendment for over 200 years. We are not doing enough to destroy ISIS,” said Scott on “America’s Newsroom.”

After meeting with the families of victims of the Orlando massacre on Thursday, Obama renewed his call for gun-control legislation.

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“Those who were killed and injured here were gunned down by a single killer with a powerful assault weapon,” Obama said. “The motives of this killer may have been different than the mass killers in Aurora, or Newtown. But the instruments of death were so similar. Now another 49 innocent people are dead. Another 53 are injured. Some are still fighting for their lives. Some will have wounds that will last a lifetime.”

Scott’s response was that Obama’s “number one focus” should be on the U.S. response to ISIS overseas.

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“When do we stop and say, ‘Enough’s enough!’ … I mean I do not want this to happen in my state again. This is disgusting. I’m fed up with it. It was an attack on our gay community, our Hispanic community … this has to stop.”

Scott later told CNN no one on a terror watch list should be able to buy a gun.

“Yes, ISIS, terrorism could be to blame,” said CNN anchor Pamela Brown. “But can you accept any responsibility for the, you know, gun laws here in Florida, the fact that it is easier to walk out of a gun store in a half an hour with an AR-15 that can kill more people faster than a pistol, yet it’s harder to get a pistol than an AR-15?”

“People kill innocent people. Let’s have a conversation about how we destroy ISIS,” replied the governor.

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