Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham, who serves as president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association and of the Christian relief group, Samaritan’s Purse, reacted to the Supreme Court’s shut-down of a Texas measure that would have tightened standards on abortion clinics with a call for godly justices.

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First, in his Facebook post, he expressed non-surprise at the High Court’s strike of Texas regulations that would have put abortion clinics in the same category as hospitals, with similar standards in health care. And then, he cautioned about the fate of the country if more conservative justices weren’t quickly appointed.

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“In the absence of more conservative justices, rulings are going the other way,” he warned. “This is another example of how critical the positions of Supreme Court Justices are to our country,” Graham said. “Remember, the next president we elect will appoint one justice immediately, and then be able to possibly appoint up to five more during his or her term. Those appointments are of paramount importance to the future of this country.”

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Graham also commended Trump for letting America know his potential appointees – and jabbed at Clinton for not doing the same.

“We need judges who will consider God’s laws and His Word – He is the ultimate Judge for each one of us and for the nation,” Graham sad. “The Republican presumptive nominee Donald J. Trump has already released a list of those he would choose from, so that America can carefully review that and see where they stand on important issues. But we haven’t seen a list from the Democratic presumptive nominee.”

And he finished with this: “Secretary Hillary Clinton – where’s your list?”

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