Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore

Alabama state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was suspended for his administrative orders regarding the state’s fight over same-sex “marriage,” has gotten support from the woman who sparked the conflagration, Callie Granade, a federal judge who originally ordered the creation of the status in the state.

WND has reported that an ethics case is being brought against Moore for his orders while the “marriage” fight was ongoing.

In fact, state officials prosecuting the charges recently selected as prosecutor a man once served as legal director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which was one of the organizations that filed the charges against Moore.

That prompted Moore’s defenders to decry the process as a “corrupt and unjust system” and demand changes.

Now, however, Granade has issued a permanent injunction against the state’s law and constitution, and as part of her opinion, expressed the same arguments that Moore has been using in his own defense.

“While it was not her intent to help the case of Chief Justice Roy Moore, federal judge Granade’s order proves our argument that the charges against the chief have no foundation,” said Mat Staver, chief of Liberty Counsel and defender of Moore.

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“Following the 2015 orders of the Alabama Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, probate judges sought clarity as to what they should do. In January 2016, Chief Justice Moore issued an administrative order advising the judges that the 2015 orders remained in effect and the Alabama Supreme Court would be issuing an opinion on their final disposition,” he said.

“In March 2016, the Alabama Supreme Court left the 2015 orders in place. How then can the Judicial Inquiry Commission single out Chief Justice Moore when he issued an accurate order regarding the status of the case and when the court as a whole agreed with him?” Staver said.

“The JIC is not a court of law, is wrong on the law, and has no business wading into legal disputes. The JIC charge is politically motivated and must be dismissed,” said Staver.

Granade’s order was described as “an attempt to permanently overrule the Alabama Supreme Court regarding marriage.”

Liberty Counsel reported, “According to Granade, the order is needed because state laws against same-sex marriage remain in effect, and the Alabama Supreme Court issued an order in March 2016 affirming three orders from 2015 that prohibited probate judges from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

The organization explained probate judges in Alabama had sought clarity and Moore issued an administrative order telling them to follow the court’s 2015 orders and another ruling would come, which it did.

Besides, Staver pointed out, “Judge Granade has no authority over the Alabama Supreme Court but she is acting as if she is the top appellate court in the state. The only court that has authority over the Alabama Supreme Court is the U.S. Supreme Court. The other parties are free to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case but they have refused to do so. Judge Granade is not the U.S. Supreme Court.”

He continued, “This order only validates the case that Justice Moore needed to address these conflicting orders. This is what we have said from the beginning. It clearly states the Alabama Supreme Court left the 2015 orders in place.”

WND reported only last month that the state case against Moore appeared to be stacked – against him, by the appointment of John Carroll, a former SPLC legal director, to prosecute Moore.

The SPLC was the group behind the charges against Moore.

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“I have almost no words for this corrupt and unjust system,” said Staver at the time.

“We have said that the charges are politically motivated and that the JIC violated its own rules of confidentiality. You would think that the JIC would be astute enough to at least avoid an appearance of bias, but obvious the JIC does not care. This is a brazen act that calls into question the entire JIC process.”

Judicial Inquiry Commission staff member Rosa Davis told WND that the commission doesn’t comment on such matters.

But she enthusiastically commented about Carroll, confirming to WND that he formerly worked for SPLC.

She argued he later became a law school professor, dean of a law school and a magistrate judge.

The SPLC advocacy by Carroll, Davis told WND, was “32 years ago.”

She contended the “facts of his career since of that time speak for themselves.”

On his Samford University bio page, however, Carroll boasts of his experience with SPLC as its legal director.

“The travesty of the politically motivated charges by the JIC against Chief Justice Roy Moore have become even clearer with the appointment by the JIC of a former legal director of the same organization that filed the charges. This is a miscarriage of justice of the highest sort,” said Staver.

SPLC routinely blasts people and organizations who do not agree with its social agenda as “haters” and was linked in federal court to the gun attack several years ago at the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington, D.C..

“By falsely and recklessly labeling Christian ministries as ‘hate groups,’ the SPLC is directly responsible for the first conviction of a man who intended to commit mass murder targeted against a policy organization in Washington, D.C.,” Liberty Counsel has said.

“On August 15, 2012, Floyd Corkins went to the Family Research Council with a gun and a bag filled with ammunition and Chick-fil-A sandwiches. His stated purpose was to kill as many employees of the Family Research Council as possible and then to smear Chick-fil-A sandwiches in their faces (because the founder of the food chain said he believed in marriage as a man and a woman). Fortunately, Mr. Corkins was stopped by the security guard, who was shot in the process. Corkins is now serving time in prison. Mr. Corkins admitted to the court that he learned of the Family Research Council by reading the SPLC’s hate map,” Liberty Counsel reported.

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