Carl Gallups

Carl Gallups

Baptist pastor Carl Gallups reacted with outrage to attempts by American Civil Liberties Union staffers to pin the blame for the massacre of homosexuals at an Orlando nightclub by a Muslim activist on Christian conservatives.

And he slammed any suggestion Christians who hold to biblical views on sexuality could somehow take pleasure in the violent deaths of dozens of their fellow Americans.

“I’m disgusted at the violence and by the actions of these staffers from the ACLU,” Gallups told WND. “The idea of somehow celebrating or condoning this violence – nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing could be more disgusting for me to contemplate. This is an insult to all Christians.”

Gallups defended his own record of ministry and what he sees as the behavior of millions of other Christian conservatives.

“I am not a hater of people, and I don’t think other Christians are as well,” he said. “Speaking for myself, I have dedicated 40 years of my adult life to serving and ministering to the deep needs of people, of all races, sexual preferences and religious preferences.

“My general platform of operation has always been to do my best to speak the truth in love, even if the truth of a matter is a tough truth to deal with. This is the biblical model. And, it is the biblical mandate for God’s people. It is ‘what Jesus would do’ (and did, in fact, demonstrate).”

A lawyer from the ACLU, Chase Strangio, denied Islam was to blame for the killings in Orlando and instead faulted “the Christian right” for introducing “200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months.”

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MSNBC’s Sally Kohn also seemingly pinned the blame on Christians, arguing, “You either support the dignity & equal treatment of all LGBT people or you support their systemic dehumanization.”

Gallups condemned the suggestion opposing what he called “the unbiblical and radical gay agenda” means opposing the dignity and equality of homosexuals.

“My place, and the place of all Christians witnessing their faith, is to lovingly tell them the truth of God’s Word and to hold out the offer of new life, new beginnings, and spiritual and emotional healing – in Jesus Christ,” the pastor said. “I would venture to guess that hardly a soul reading this post does not have a dear friend, co-worker, family member, or loved one that is not ‘gay.’ We don’t ‘wish’ for their punishment. To even think that way conjures up images of ISIS pushing gays off the top of buildings.

“I grieve. I grieve because their families and friends are suffering horribly. I grieve for our nation – because we are under attack – spiritually and physically.”

Yet Gallups also slammed the Obama administration and federal bureaucrats for what he called their seeming refusal to take the radical Islamic terrorist threat seriously.

“I also grieve because the ones who are supposed to be leading and protecting us are absolutely mad,” he said. “They are derelict in their duties, at best.”

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Gallups argued loving all people doesn’t mean agreeing with every political suggestion of the homosexual rights movement.

“Recently I have focused on Obama’s criminal and insane public school ‘transgender’ directive, opening the doors of our girls’ showers, bathrooms, and locker rooms to anyone who claims to ‘feel like a girl,'” Gallups said of his recent political activity. “I have also been very outspoken on businesses following the same madness – like Target and others. I’m not going to back down from speaking the medical, scientific and psychological facts about the radical gay agenda. But this is done because I want to remain true to the Bible and help people lead healthy and moral lives, not out of any desire to punish or hurt.”

Gallups, the author of several books including the recent “Be Thou Prepared” and “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” suggested the attack by an Islamic State supporter in Orlando had two major lessons for all Americans of whatever sexuality or faith.

First, Gallups said Americans need to prepare themselves for terrorist attacks against “soft targets” instead of the high-profile targets often selected by radical Islamic activists in the past. Clubs, churches, shopping malls, movie theaters and other staples of everyday life could potentially be selected, he suggested.

Before becoming a pastor, Gallups was a law enforcement officer. In “Be Thou Prepared,” Gallups offers practical advice for how both individuals and churches can protect themselves in these troubled times, including a step-by-step guide to building a “security ministry” to protect places of worship. Noting Donald Trump’s recent warning the Orlando attacks were “just the beginning,” Gallups called for Christians and church leaders to safeguard their congregations.

“There have already been direct threats against churches by Islamic State supporters,” Gallups observed. “We have to trust in God, but we also have to do what is necessary to protect innocent life, especially the lives of our children. ‘Lone-wolf’ attacks against disparate targets place the responsibility of defending ourselves squarely on our own shoulders. We can’t rely on the government to do it for us.”

However, Gallups also suggested America was facing a larger spiritual attacks. Moral rot from within and threats from without, he suggested, are signs Christians are facing a time of persecution preceding the end times, a theory he explains in “Final Warning.”

“The greatest evil we are up against is Satan himself,” Gallups said. “These are prophetic and deeply spiritual times. There is a great spiritual war taking place. Satan knows his time is short. He is making himself manifest in all manner of evil.”

Gallups suggested signs of preparation by wealthy and powerful people are a significant indicator the global elite know something is very wrong. He urged Americans to prepare both spiritually and physically for trouble ahead.

“Everything that we see are simply the putrid symptoms of a world being given over to mental and spiritual depravity,” he said. “Much worse days are ahead, I fear, for our nation and our planet. The Lord’s return is very near.”

Orlando was just the beginning – are you and your family ready? “Be Thou Prepared” by Carl Gallups, available now in the WND Superstore.


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