Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, unleashed a blistering attack on columnist and pundit George Will for his announced exiting of the Republican Party, telling the long-time conservative talking head that his departure isn’t really that big a deal – that he shouldn’t “let the door whack” him as he leaves.

Will told a national audience just recently he’s changed his Republican voter registration ticket to “unaffiliated” because of Donald Trump. And while some in the conservative world gasped at the party jump of one of the GOP’s most visible voices, Huckabee reacted differently.

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In a column posted by Breitbart, Huckabee wrote: “George Will has virtually declared, ‘Enough of those ruffians and peasants who went and voted in record numbers in the recent Republican primary,’ so he’s headed for the door, announcing that he is leaving the Republican Party. Don’t let the door whack you in the behind as you leave!”

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Huckabee then went on to mock, “We’re we all supposed to say, ‘Oh no! How on earth will the GOP even organize a county committee meeting without George Will there to instruct us on what to think and especially how to behave in the proper way? I’m sure the party would survive if I left and I’m sure it will survive if George leaves. … So sorry George … but personally, I liked your baseball writing a lot more than your political writing.”

Huckabee noted how Will “once called me ‘disgusting’ over one of my utterly ‘disgusting’ views of faith that he, the self-proclaimed atheist, found revolting.”

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And he then went on this rant: “So in his own little party of one, he won’t have to tolerate the likes of my Southern, redneck, grits-eating, gravy-slathering, less-than-Ivy League-educated, church-going kind. And all those hard hat and factory workers who lost jobs, pensions, homes and their sense of self-worth because of the brilliant globalist policies that the elites pushed as ‘good for us’ will now know that the party of Lincoln and Reagan will again have some respect for the ‘little people’ that the George types looked down their noses at.”

Huckabee raised the topic of his book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” and its comparison of the educated versus the smart, and said: “Some very well-educated folks aren’t that smart.”

And he then concluded: “To those who boast of leaving the GOP, I respect your decision. It’s a free country and you can go as you please. But your stewardship of the GOP hasn’t been that stellar for the ‘folks,’ so forgive me if I don’t beg you to reconsider. You decided to leave. I have decided to do everything possible to stop ‘Hellery’ [Hillary Clinton] from continuing the slide of this nation into the abyss. And it appears that a lot of Americans, like me, are ready for a fight to keep their country and their culture.”

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