The surge in family apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2016 is driven by migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, who together make up 90% of these apprehensions so far this fiscal year. The number of family apprehensions from these Central American countries more than doubled in the first six months of fiscal 2016 over the same time period in 2015.

The surge in family apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2016 is driven by migrants from Central America, who together make up 90% of these apprehensions. The number of family apprehensions from these countries more than doubled in the first six months of fiscal 2016 over the same period in 2015.

Illegal immigration has exploded 57 percent in less than two years, with at least 550,000 new illegals entering the U.S. in a trend that is set to continue growing, according to new Census data.

Legal immigration is also on the rise, growing by 30 percent, from 1.6 million in 2012-2013 to 2 million in 2014-2015, according to a Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the data.

Reports earlier this week that the “surge” of Central Americans at the U.S.-Mexico border is again heating up are woefully underplaying the true nature of the problem, a U.S. Border Patrol agent tells WND.

From last October to March, the U.S. Border Patrol averaged 330 apprehensions of Central Americans a day, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center, an increase of 100 percent over the same period a year earlier.

A border agent who works out of the El Centro, California, sector told WND the Pew numbers, though just released, are based on data three months old. The actual numbers since March are much higher.

“As for the surge, yes, it’s happening again. However, I’ve heard the number is higher than the 330 per day they are reporting,” the agent told WND.

He said the number he was hearing from agents working in the South Texas sector is in the high hundreds, close to 800 per day.

“We’ve also seen an increase in illegal alien crossings in my sector (El Centro), however, we aren’t getting high numbers of OTMs (other than Mexicans) like they are in South Texas,” he added. “I’m guessing we are seeing an increase due to the possibility of a Trump presidency this fall.”

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An analysis of new Census data by the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies shows 3.1 million new legal and illegal immigrants settled in the United States over the course of 2014 and 2015 – a 39 percent increase over the prior two-year period. About 2 million of the total were legal immigrants while 1.1 million came illegally.

Center for Immigration Studies found that legal and illegal immigration have reached over 1.5 million annually during the two-year period. That’s a 15-year high.

“You’re looking at a big jump,” said Steven A. Camarota, director of research for CIS and author of the report.

Cutbacks in enforcement, an improved economy, and the expansive nature of our legal immigration system have all contributed to the rebound.

“The numbers show Mexican immigration has rebounded somewhat and there has been a dramatic rise in immigration from Asia and the rest of Latin America,” said Camarota.

Pew Research_15.05.02_familyApprehensions“Given the enormous number of immigrants settling in the country, it is certainly understandable that immigration levels are a central issue in the presidential election,” Camarota added.

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The number of foreign refugees being brought into the U.S. by the Obama administration is also on the upswing, going from 70,000 in fiscal 2015 to 85,000 in 2016 and 100,000 in 2017. The single largest religious affiliation of this group of immigrants is Muslim.

‘Globalist trap being sprung’

“It’s all coming together. The globalist trap is being sprung right now,” says Williams Gheen, president of Americans for Less Immigration, or ALIPAC. “Google, Twitter and Facebook are clamping down against people who voice opposition to illegal immigration.”

Gheen said immigration watchdogs and everyday Americans who are concerned about the record immigration levels of recent years are being “massively penalized” by social media giants. Facebook announced it will target those with messages it considers “hate speech” and make them show up lower in users’ news feeds, if at all.

“The only way we’ve been able to get our message out is through Facebook,” Gheen said, as the establishment media, including Fox News, continues to downplay the issue of immigration, or misreport the facts.

“They’re cracking down in Europe now too. The Brits are voting soon on whether to leave the E.U. and the mass Muslim invasion is one of the driving forces propelling the anti-E.U. fervor,” he said. “When the E.U. was formed the citizens of Europe never expected that part of the plan would be to dump millions of angry, young, male Muslim migrants, many of whom are violent, into their midst.

“People are still not getting the information on how it is happening right here in America.”

On Jan. 28, 2015, ALIPAC predicted a historic wave of illegal immigration was primed to enter the U.S., “and we predicted the actions and inactions of the Obama administration were about to trigger a surge at least as big as the one in 2014 and our prediction was proven correct. We predicted the pump was primed for the largest wave of illegal immigration in U.S. history and now CIS is saying it’s up 57 percent.

“There is currently an unprecedented wave in migration through the borders, through the airplanes, through the refugee resettlement programs, while Facebook and Google and Twitter are cracking down on people’s ability to learn about this invasion,” Gheen said.

Long hot summer of turmoil predicted

He attributes this wave to “traitors in the government” and made a new prediction to WND that the U.S. is in for a long hot summer of violent unrest leading up to November’s election.

“We face a new enemy that is trying to push everything beyond the point of no return before they are forced out of office by Donald Trump, and they are telegraphing violence against Trump and Americans that would support him, in unprecedented fashion,” Gheen said. “So you have Google, Facebook and Twitter putting tape over our mouths, you’ve got the Obama administration tying our hands, and you have jihadis and illegal immigrants of fighting age being imported for violent deeds against us.

“This is a type of warfare and what’s happening is Mexico, China and Saudi Arabia are at war with the United States but our media has most people bamboozled into not believing this is even happening,” he added. “The perfect enemy is one you cannot even detect to defend yourself against.”

Gheen said it’s also “no coincidence” that the remake of the 1970s movie “Roots” was released Memorial Day weekend for summer showing.

“In the new interpretation of the novel they removed any remaining positive roles by white Americans and released it on Memorial Day in the run up to the election to agitate black voters into voting for Democrats and/or for violence if needed,” he said.

The violence is in fact already occurring – there’s been a spike in violent crime in major cities all across the United States that FBI Director James Comey has attributed to the “Ferguson affect.”

The New York Times Wednesday reported a “surprising” increase in the American death rate for the first time in a decade. The increase was driven by suicides, drug overdoses, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

“But it’s also violent crime, this is the untold story,” Gheen says.

“But I do believe a lot of eyes are opening right now.”

Gheen says it’s the same global factions who were behind the creation of the European Union that are now pushing for violent uprisings in the U.S. and to push the nation over the edge into chaos and, they hope, a new social order.

“They hate the United States and its Judeo-Christian heritage, our Constitution, our gun rights, this is all considered remnants of a white male-dominated, colonial civilization that they want destroyed irrevocably,” Gheen said. “It’s a demographic form of genocide which they believe will have no resurgence in history.”

“And this is going to be the summer of blood. I believe the now-documented spike in violent crime rates in our major cities, and the fact our FBI director ties it to Ferguson, and the unprecedented wave of illegal immigration, and rising death rates for middle-aged whites, all point, these are not random coincidences, all the arrows point in the same direction and all the trails lead back to all the usual suspects. We are under attack. The enemy is here. And they are springing a trap from within.

“Complete civil disorder is now a good probability in the hot summer of 2016,” he added. “We are in a type of national survival twilight zone and anything could happen and a lot of the potential outcomes involve a lot of people being hurt. We want to stand on the side of those who promote American civil liberties and against those who are promoting this coordinated attack, that is going hot, from a sneaky cold-war kind of thing to a hot kind of thing, and we definitely want to pray for the safety and well-being of all Americans out there of every race and walk of life that are loyal to the Constitution.”

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