The left’s reaction to the Orlando shooting only reemphasized what award-winning journalist and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian has been saying for years, and documents in his latest book.

“The left is insane, Perry,” Kupelian told host Perry Atkinson at the outset of an interview this week on theDove TV’s “Focus Today.”

Kupelian, whose popular books include “The Marketing of Evil,” it’s sequel “How Evil Works,” and the recently released “The Snapping of the American Mind,” said the terms “right” versus “left” convey a false moral equivalence between the two opposing forces in America. He said it’s really a lot more like “right” versus “wrong.”

He clarified that by “the left” he is not referring to naive liberals who simply want to raise the minimum wage, for example, but about “the hardcore left” that is “temperamentally and intellectually and historically atheistic” because the state is their god. It is these types of people who seek to invert the relationship between good and evil.

“The left cannot advance without demonizing basically what is good,” Kupelian declared. “When you want to make evil appear good, you have to make good appear evil. And so you are going to persecute genuine goodness in the process of all this.”

Many observers scratch their heads wondering why the atheistic left would embrace Islam, which stands for values diametrically opposed to those of the left. However, Kupelian said, they are natural allies because they share a common mortal enemy – Christianity.

“The left’s biggest enemy is the Christian religion,” Kupelian stated. “It hates it; deep down it hates it, and it’s even evolved versions of it that don’t resemble anything that looks like Christianity to me.”

He explained: “We live in a moral dimension. We do have laws that we’re meant to follow to live a good life. … The left, they are in rebellion against this – open rebellion.”

Society has gone mad – and it’s not an accident. Find out why, and what you can do about it, in David Kupelian’s blockbuster, “The Snapping of the American Mind,” available in the WND Superstore.

Kupelian has previously shown, point by point, how the left cannot operate without violating all Ten Commandments. At one point, he told Atkinson the left violates the fifth commandment – “Honor thy father and they mother” – by attempting to destroy the family.

“There are loyalties in a family, in a marriage, that transcend everything else, and God tends to be in there if you have a strong family unit with the children and the parents – their loyalty to each other,” Kupelian explained. “There are forces in there that are more powerful than anything else out there – your deepest loyalties.

“That has to be broken up if you are a megalomaniacal socialist leader. If you’re somebody where all of the loyalty has to go to the state … there is a sympathy toward breaking apart the family.”

The subtitle of Kupelian’s “The Snapping of the American Mind” is “Healing a nation broken by a lawless government and godless culture.”

He told Atkinson a godless culture arguably has played an even bigger role than a lawless government in breaking apart America. In fact, he compared the hard left to the fictitious “shoulder devil” as depicted in classic Disney cartoons.

He said the left feeds the lower human impulses to be envious, angry, lustful, selfish and free of moral restraints. The Judeo-Christian mindset, on the other hand, represents the “shoulder angel” that urges people to listen to their conscience and sense of morality.

“In the end, the left, whether consciously or unconsciously … is inculcating and teaching and leading people to listen to [the devil on their shoulder],” Kupelian explained. “And what we call the right or the Judeo-Christian morality, that worldview, is saying we are creatures of God. We live in a moral dimension. Dogs and cats don’t; we do, and we’re meant to listen to [the angel on our shoulder].”

Although it may seem as if the left controls American culture with an iron grip, Kupelian urged those on the right not to give up on restoring good and evil to their rightful places. He reminded viewers that Jesus said, “With God, all things are possible.” He also pointed out that if Christians and conservatives give up, they will definitely lose. They have to push back, and not just via the upcoming election.

“Maybe we make some headway in the next election, [but] elections don’t solve everything,” Kupelian said. “The culture, the morality of the country needs to change. Sometimes an addict, when they hit rock bottom, that’s when they’re able to turn around. We are at or near rock bottom right now, and so the good part of that is that some people wake up!”

Kupelian reminded theDove TV’s Christian audience that Christians have suffered various forms of persecution over the centuries. The answer, he said, is the same today as it has always been.

“You’ve got to live your faith, not just privately under a bushel,” Kupelian counseled. “Jesus Himself said you’ve got to let that light shine.” And also, he concluded, “you’ve got to pray that God will save our country.”

Society has gone mad – and it’s not an accident. Find out why, and what you can do about it, in David Kupelian’s blockbuster, “The Snapping of the American Mind,” available in the WND Superstore.


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