U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told a grieving Florida crowd the Obama administration was standing by the LGBT community in the face of the Orlando terror attacks that killed 49 and injured 53, but that shooter Omar Mateen’s true motives “may never be known” – a claim that seems to fly in the face of the many revelations in recent days of the gunman’s professed allegiance to an ISIS chief.

She also rallied the victims and families of victims to respond to the terror attack with “love,” not anger.

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“We stand with you to say that the good in the world far outweighs the evil,” she told the community of Orlando, which was just rocked by Mateen’s massacre at the city’s “gay” hot spot, Pulse.

And then she made this comment, Breitbart reported: “The most effective response to terror and hatred is compassion, unity and love.”

Lynch also vowed President Obama and his administration would not turn a blind eye to the rights of the LGBT community, but underscored the peaceful side of Islam.

“We stand with you today as we grieve together,” she said. “And long after the cameras are gone, we will continue to stand with you as we grow together, in commitment, in solidarity and in equality.”

She also said, the Associated Press reported: “Federal investigators are still uncertain as to what drove Mateen to violence and to what extent he may also have been motivated by anti-gay hatred.”

And ABC News quoted her as adding: “People often act out of more than one motivation,” and Mateen’s true motives “may never be known.”

The statements came as the White House initially refused to release the audio of Mateen’s 9-1-1 emergency call he placed during the terror strike, saying his statements about his professed allegiance to an ISIS chief, as well as his declared loyalty to Allah, could ignite more violence. The administration, facing outraged accusations of censorship, ultimately changed course and released the audio.

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At the same time, the text of the 9-1-1 call released by the administration switched out Mateen’s specific references to Allah for “God,” leading critics to charge the amended text was just one more way of pressing President Obama’s view that radical Islamism is not to blame for the Pulse attack.

Meanwhile, other evidence has cropped showing just how infatuated Mateen was with ISIS and jihad. As WND previously reported, Mateen posted on the day of the attacks a Facebook message that pledged his allegiance to an ISIS leader and vowed more attacks were coming.

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