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More than 100 Americans at a “gay” bar were shot over the weekend by a man vowing fealty to ISIS, and it all happened because of the absence of more gun control in the United States – not because of the man who carried out the atrocities.

That’s according to U.S. mainstream media reports since the devastating terror attack.

NBC’s Lester Holt, for example, said, “What happened at the Pulse nightclub behind me is the newest and most deadly chapter in what has become a fact of life in this country. Mass shootings with no apparent end in sight.”

Newsbusters reported that Holt and Harry Smith “irresponsibly framed the Orlando terror attack on a gay nightclub as being an issue of gun control.”

They also presented the problem as one of “mass shootings,” instead “of one concerning the ideology of radical Islamists,” the report said.

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Smith explained, “Lives are forever shattered by one man. His hate and his guns. We have been here too many times before and with no sign of anything will change; we fear this will not be the last.”

Authorities reported Omar Mateen, 29, drove hours from his Florida home to the Orlando “gay” bar where he began shooting. More than 100 were victims of his attack, with at least 49 fatalities and multiple victims remaining in critical condition on Monday.

Police said Mateen had pledged his allegiance to ISIS during a phone call to 9-1-1, the Middle East Islamic terror band murdering and creating mayhem across Iraq and Syria. It’s killing people by crucifying, beheading, drowning, burning and even wrapping explosives around victims’ necks and setting them off.

Smith linked the Orlando massacre with mass shootings in South Carolina, Connecticut and Virginia, even though it was distinctly separate because of the gunman’s allegiance to Islamic terror.

The organization also cited how the Associated Press “is already brandishing the gun-control agenda.”

“In a report with a time stamp of 9:16 a.m. Eastern Time, the AP, with its list apparently always at the ready, gave the following headline to its rundown of ‘some of the nation’s deadliest rampages since 2012’: ‘Florida nightclub attack just the latest US mass shooting.’ In other words, Dear Reader, while we’re busy minimizing the larger significance of the massacre, we want to make sure you understand that events such as these will continue to occur as long as guns are available,” Newsbusters reported.

“Remarkably (no, not really), AP’s coverage has been reluctant to fully communicate the nature of the Orlando massacre’s attacker, calling Orlando Mateen, the 29-year-old who carried out the attack, a ‘shooter’ in its headline,” the report said.

And Nicholas Fondacaro, also on Newsbusters, revealed how ABC, on “This Week,” featured The Nation editor Katrina Vanden Heuvel explaining, “I think the, you know, grief and anger today, but we can’t lose sight of senseless gun violence and the gun epidemic in this country. Sixty-six people killed in Chicago in May. Hillary Clinton has a very strong gun control program. Trump, he’s tethered to the NRA.”

And in the report Donna Brazile, a Democrat, added, “Since 2013, we have had over 1,000 mass shootings. And clearly, there’s a place today in the dialogue for us to talk about the tone and temperament of our national leaders.”

CNN anchor Jake Tapper at one point provided Mateen’s name, but said, “That is a name I will not mention again for the rest of the show.”

Tom Brokaw, too, focused on the machinery, not the motive behind the carnage.

“The worst mass shooting in our country’s history,” he said, explaining, “Everything seems to get settled by a gun for whatever reasons.”

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