Photo taken at Twin Falls apartment complex where a 5-year-old girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by two young boys while an older boy filmed the boys urinating on her.

Photo taken at Twin Falls detention center Monday following hearing on assault of young girl by Muslim migrant boys.

The two Muslim migrant boys from Sudan who were arrested last week on charges of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Idaho were released into the custody of their parents following a hearing Thursday afternoon, WND has learned.

They were reportedly released from the Snake River Juvenile Detention Center in Twin Falls pending their next hearing.

According to witnesses on the scene, the boys’ families were seen smiling and hugging after the hearing ended shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday.

“They were waving their arms to the heavens, smiling and throwing their arms around each other,” an eyewitness outside the detention center told WND.

The two Sudanese boys, ages 10 and 14, were reportedly ordered by the court to have no contact with the victim, a 5-year-old special-needs girl, whom they allegedly assaulted in the laundry room of their apartment complex on June 2. They were not arrested until late last week. A third boy, age 7, was also involved but was never arrested. The younger boys allegedly urinated on the girl and one of them inappropriately touched her but the extent of that violation is not known. The case has been sealed by the prosecutor, which is standard procedure in juvenile offenses.

The older boy, 14, allegedly filmed the entire incident.

The two older boys are from Sudan and the 7-year-old is from Iraq.

The boys and their families have been evicted from the Fawnbrook Apartments where the incident allegedly took place.

CAIR, the Muslim civil rights organization, has weighed in on the still-developing story in Twin Falls, taking issue with the way some conservative websites reported the incident.

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On its Facebook page CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, posted a story from Reuters focusing on the few details that some websites misreported – mainly that “Syrian” refugees had “gang-raped” a small girl at “knifepoint.”

No knife was ever found at the scene. While the suspects were not “Syrian” they were Muslims and were immigrants, more than likely refugees.

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper lamented that “anti-Muslim” and “anti-refugee” sentiments seemed to be converging in America. These “two forms of hostility, seem to be overlapping each other,” he said, while not mentioning anything about the hostility the Muslim boys showed to the little girl.

The CAIR statement reads in full:

Idaho prosecutor denies Syrian refugees gang-raped girl (Reuters)

“Anti-Muslim agitators and those opposed to resettlement of refugees from the Syrian civil war nevertheless seized on the incident to buttress their arguments for shutting down a refugee center in Twin Falls to prevent entry by displaced Syrians…

“Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the Idaho sexual assault should be fully investigated but added the case had become a lightning rod for anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiments.

‘These two forms of hostility seem to be overlapping and reinforcing each other,’ Hooper said.”

Whether CAIR will get involved in trying to protect the families from eviction, or helping them find new accommodations in Twin Falls, remains to be seen.

Recent polls show at least 50 percent of Americans agree with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump that all Muslim immigration should be temporarily halted in the wake of a string of jihadist attacks by Muslims going back to last year, starting with the foiled attack on a Muhammad cartoon event in Garland, Texas, the deadly attack on Chattanooga that killed five U.S. servicemen in July, the attack on an office Christmas party in San Bernardino Dec. 3 that killed 14 Americans, and the most recent attack last week on a gay nightclub in Orlando that killed 49. All were allegedly carried out by Muslim immigrants or children of Muslim immigrants.

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Pastor Shahram Hadian grew up Muslim in Iran.

Pastor Shahram Hadian grew up Muslim in Iran.

Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim from Iran who came to the U.S. as a child and now pastors Truth in Love Church in Edmonds, Washington, said he has made several trips to Twin Falls in recent months and the mayor and city council there have refused to even listen to his concerns about the refugee influx into the city. Refugees are being resettled in Twin Falls by the College of Southern Idaho, which works through the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, one of nine primary federal resettlement contractors, also called VOLAGs. Most come from Iraq, Sudan and Bosnia, all Muslim-majority nations.

Officials at the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center have said they did not resettle the two Sudanese and one Iraqi family living in Fawnbrook Apartments. More than likely they were resettled in another city and then moved to Twin Falls in what is called “secondary migration.”

“It’s just unbelievable the narrative that these people want to continue to paint,” Hadian said. “I’ve been following the news coverage out of Twin Falls, I’ve been there quite a bit so I’m familiar with the newspapers there and their coverage of the whole refugee issue has been abysmal.”

The Idaho Statesman and the Spokesman Review out of Spokane, along with the local Times-News in Twin Falls have all run articles critical of conservative websites calling them “conspiracy” sites and “anti-Muslim.”

WND was the first to interview eyewitness Jolene Payne and give a fully accurate report on what happened at the Fawnbrook Apartments. The 89-year-old grandmother noticed the older boy filming the assault in the laundry room and immediately put a stop to it, then called police.

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Yet the Spokesman Review, Idaho Statesman and Times-News all headlined their articles about the sexual assault as a “false report” or “false story.”

Hadian, a former police officer turned Christian pastor, said the refugee advocates in the local media seized upon a few misreported facts in an attempt to discredit the entire story, even though the basic facts remain unchallenged – a 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants who were brought to this country by the U.S. government.

“It doesn’t’ really matter if they were Syrian or Iraqi, they were still migrants and this little girl was stripped, sexually assaulted and urinated on,” he said.

“CAIR should be ashamed of themselves trying to draw moral equivalency between the mistake in the reporting and the assault that took place on the little girl,” he added. “They should be absolutely ashamed.”

Hadian said the reason the boys, 10 and 7, urinated on the girl was probably because they were incapable of ejaculating even though they were being coached by an older boy, age 14, who was filming the assault.

Hadian added Muslim boys would have never performed such a disgraceful act on a Muslim girl.

“The fact these kids need to do that is in itself disturbing, it’s just beyond egregious,” he said. “If this was your daughter, your granddaughter, or your niece, this is traumatic. I was sexually abused myself as a child, and I can tell you this doesn’t go away tomorrow, this is a life’s trauma, and the fact that CAIR comes out and gives this cockamamie, half-hearted response, I don’t even have any words of how upset I was reading CAIR’s statement.”

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., points to the fact that CAIR is a known front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, a fact proven in federal court documents filed in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2007-08 in Dallas, Texas.

Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

Bachmann introduced a bill in Congress to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. The same bill was resurrected earlier this year but has been buried by GOP leaders.

“Already, the UAE and the U.K. have made this designation,” Bachmann said. “The U.S. should do likewise to protect our crumbling national security.”

CAIR’s purpose is to deceive the American public through propaganda aimed at deflecting attention away from Muslim-initiated problems in the U.S., Bachmann said.

“The sexual abuse of an innocent 5-year-old Idaho girl by Muslim male immigrants is a story that should be repeated, highlighted and used as the basis for stopping any further immigration to the U.S.,” she told WND.

The sordid details of the incident as reported by an eyewitness exclusively to WND stated the boys stripped the girl naked, urinated all over her and filmed the entire incident.

The little girl begged the 89-year-old grandmother who intervened for help.

“Thank God an adult stepped in and stopped this cruelty against an innocent child,” Bachmann said.

This is not the first time CAIR has intervened in a criminal case on the side of Muslims. It happens all the time, Bachmann said.

CAIR held press conferences after the San Bernadino and Orlando jihadist attacks to tell Americans the false story that Islam had nothing to do with the killings, she said.

“CAIR’s actions and words were meant to tamp down justifiable public anger at Islamic mass shootings and the Muslim male sexual assault of a little girl,” Bachmann said. “Taking the side of killers and rapists tells the public a lot about who CAIR is.”

“If we listen to the terrorists’ own words, (when the DOJ doesn’t alter them for public consumption or redact them), we hear the jihadists go to great lengths to ensure the world knows Islam is their motivation for murder,” Bachmann said.

“To protect other Americans from rape, murder, sexual assaults, theft, fraud and mayhem, we must push the pause button on ALL US immigration, whether legal, illegal or through the much misused “refugee” program run by the corrupt UN.

“We need to start thinking more about the best interests of 5 year old Idaho girls and less about getting foreign Muslim males into America at our expense.”

Former FBI investigator John Guandolo

Former FBI investigator John Guandolo

John Guandolo, a former FBI agent specializing in Islam and author of the book “Raising A Jihadi Generation,” said said CAIR is “on the same side as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the other jihadis across the globe seeking to establish sharia everywhere.”

He said the barbaric behavior alleged to have occurred in Twin Falls is practically and legally understood as “sexual assault” in the United States but it is lawful under Shariah when perpetrated against non-Muslim women.

“As Christian organizations and leaders in America open their arms to the Muslims coming into our land, you get all that comes with that community,” he said. “And this is a part of it.”

CAIR is trying to misdirect the public outrage about a girl’s sexual assault toward the mischaracterization of Muslims as rapists, Hadian said.

“When the fact is you have a girl who is brutally abused by these migrants who come from a Third World country and are treating non-Muslims in this way,” he said. “They would have never done this to another Muslim. Who’s the real victim here? Why aren’t you upset about her? It’s just egregious that they’re trying to give moral equivalency here by saying this story was partially wrong and therefore it’s all wrong. That, in the eyes of CAIR, is somehow just as bad as the sickening assault on this girl who by the way also had some sort of mental disabilities.”

“They acknowledge there is a video,” he continued. “So what more evidence do you need? At a minimum if there is not a cover-up there is an essential effort to put a wet blanket on this because it’s Muslims or because it’s immigrants, or refugees. They’ve admitted the basic facts of the case, Sudanese and Iraqi immigrants, with two boys urinating on her and another filming.”

The elected officials in Twin Falls first tried to deny the public allegations that a girl had been violated by Muslim immigrants. After the issue came up at a second city council meeting, more information was finally released.

“Now, they’re trying to deflect attention off of the assault and onto the bloggers and websites that misreported some initial facts,” Hadian said.

“The media and CAIR are essentially saying ‘Oh the poor Syrian refugees are getting a bad rap.’ No, these were Muslims, these were almost certainly refugees, and the fact that someone got their nationality wrong is what makes their headlines,” he said.

“One or two facts are misreported and they want to dismiss the whole thing. This is exactly what this community has been saying for the last two years, that the police department, the city council, the mayor, the media, they are somehow complicit in this narrative and they are doing everything they can to not paint a true picture of the refugee community, because of money, because of promises, because of whatever it may be.”

Clare Lopez, vice president of research and analysis for the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., said the U.S. refugee admissions program should be halted pending a full audit.

A bill in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced last summer by Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas, would do just that, but House Speaker Paul Ryan has not allowed the bill to come up for a vote.

“The U.S. refugee resettlement program needs to hit the pause button – now – as both Donald Trump and Rep. Babin have proposed,” Lopez said.”As horrific accounts of rape and sexual assault by Muslims against local girls and women spill out of Britain, Germany, Sweden and other Western European countries, we would be foolish to listen to the likes of CAIR (which the Justice Department has identified as the HAMAS branch in America) when we already see the same thing beginning to happen here.

“Why do any Muslims (much less elementary school boys) think its OK to sexually assault girls and women? One reason may be that the official Islamic biography of Muhammad is full of such behavior. But Muhammad is called the ‘perfect example of a man’ many times in the Qur’an.”

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