Remember those “government shutdowns” of the past caused by political disagreements over congressional spending priorities?

What did the Democrats routinely and cavalierly accuse Republicans of wanting to do by refusing to accede to arbitrary spending increases on “entitlement programs”?

They said the GOP lawmakers wanted to starve children – take food out of their mouths.

Remember that?

But what about Barack Obama’s plan to withhold federal education assistance to states refusing to adopt his transgender bathroom and locker room policies in public schools?

Do you know what much of that money is earmarked for? That’s right – school breakfast and lunch programs.

Let’s take Texas, for example. State officials there are opposed to Obama’s edict to allow students to determine which restroom or locker room they use, based solely on how they feel about themselves. Obama says any state that does not bow to his wishes faces a cutoff of education funding. Texas gets almost $2 billion a year from the federal government for its school breakfast and lunch programs.

Thus, over an issue affecting less than 0.01 percent of students in Texas, Obama is threatening to take food out of the mouths and bellies of the poorest of the poor children.

And it’s not just kids in Texas. More than a dozen other states are refusing to go along with Obama’s edict on bathroom and locker room for so-called “transgendereds.” We’re talking about millions of kids not getting breakfast and lunch as a direct result of Obama’s bullying.

Isn’t it ironic that no one accuses Obama of threatening to starve kids to blackmail state officials to follow his bizarre, radical social agenda?

Yet, that is exactly what Democrats and “progressives” have told us in the past: If you cut government entitlement programs, kids starve.

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Of course, I don’t really think kids are going to starve in Texas or anywhere else in America as a result of federal aid cutoffs. These programs are wasteful and counterproductive. If you want to help the poor, the best way to do it is through local non-government programs that are more efficient and more oriented to dealing with individual problems.

Another side effect of big government redistribution programs is that what government gives it can take away – just as Obama is threatening right now to take away what Washington has “giveth.”

None of the “benefits” Washington provides are actually Washington’s to give. The federal government collects money from individuals living in states only to return a small portion of it. How is that “giving”? It’s theft!

It’s not the way things were intended to be in America – a nation of sovereign states and sovereign individuals. The federal government was supposed to work for the states and the people, not be their ruler.

Sadly, not enough Republicans seem to recognize their own responsibility in building this Washington tyranny.

The more power we give to Washington the less freedom citizens have. If we depend on Washington to get food into the mouths of our children, then we’re going to have to accept Washington’s rules.

Isn’t that self-evident?

I guess we liberty lovers can all be hopeful that Obama’s shocking overreach on the school transgender push might provide the wake-up call Americans need to tell Washington to take its “fundamental transformation” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

In the meantime, though, wouldn’t it be fun and politically enlightening for us to accuse Obama of threatening to starve poor kids in Texas and other states around the country – all over some crazy bathroom policies?

That’s what he’s doing.

That’s what they always do.

“Progressives” by nature accuse others of doing exactly what they do. They manufacture crises to force their agenda on the rest of us. Their crisis du jour is transgender bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s so important to them that they will allow millions of kids, by their own definition, to starve.

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