In late May, as you may recall, Obama became the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima. In his speech he called on the world to “morally evolve,” according to an L.A. Times headline.

This “moral evolution” concept deserves a little more exploration. How can we best “morally evolve” to Obama’s satisfaction?

The liberal “moral evolution” that’s been hitting America for the last five decades is accelerating beyond all comprehension. Where once we had cities filled with intact two-parent families, where kids played safely in the street and schools were turning out literate, critical thinkers, we now have urban war zones, broken families, illiterate graduates, crime, drugs, promiscuity and every other vice you can imagine.

I don’t know if we can morally evolve any further without crashing and burning as a nation.

America has tried, honestly tried, to “evolve” in accordance with what liberals have demanded. Things once considered shameful, immoral, or evil are now celebrated, encouraged and taught in schools.

Celebrities and athletes who are vulgar, promiscuous and foul-mouthed are lauded as heroes. Celebrities and athletes who are clean-living, wholesome and moral are mocked, derided and sneered at.

Women were once praised for their virtue, calm guidance of family and represented the glue that held America to its foundation. Men were once praised for their ability to protect and provide, to train up their sons and daughters to honor the family name. Now women are taught that men are oppressors and children are a burden. Men, freed from the civilizing influence of femininity, are either behaving like unchecked beasts, or (in a desperate attempt to please women) denying their positive masculine traits to be more feminine.

In a vulgar twist, families once considered dysfunctional are now celebrated as diverse and progressive; and families once considered rock-solid and traditional are looked upon as creepy, backwards and, well, dysfunctional.

Until recently, children were taught skills and values that served them in adulthood. Girls learned to sew, cook and keep house. Boys were taught how to work with metal and wood, mechanics or plumbing, and how to earn a living to support a family. As “sexist” as these stereotypes were, at least kids emerged with a cadre of useful abilities.

What are kids being taught now? Practical skills are derided as old-fashioned, sexist, unnecessary (“Let the lower classes do them”) and, oh yeah, sexist. Schools have time to teach every gender “fluidity” imaginable but no time to teach practical hands-on skills. The modern generation is so dumbed-down and functionally useless, the government has to actually teach people how to grocery shop.

No longer do children need to be raised in the dreary, repressed confines of a two-parent committed home by knuckle-dragging troglodyte parents who insist on standards of high behavior, dress and expression.

Instead, boys are learning it’s unnecessary to suppress their animal natures and treat girls with respect. Girls are encouraged to “explore their sexuality” so Planned Murderhood can have a constant stream of fresh meat … er, clients. It’s been pointed out that abortion has been the biggest boon for promiscuous men, who can “procreate” all they want without having to assume responsibility for their offspring.

Our latest “evolution” involves bathroom privacy. Transgenders have been quietly using whatever facilities they wanted for ages, and no one cared because no one knew. Current legislation, however, is allowing perverts and predators access to women’s amenities, and there is nothing that can be done.

“It’s interesting that it’s the very same liberal voices who have in recent years been so agitated about girls’ rights – who’d call a wolf-whistle assault, let alone a grope – now say any worried women should pipe down,” notes this Spectator article.

So here’s good news for Obama: We ARE morally evolving. We’re evolving into a world without morals. How cool is that?

However, the next question to ask is this: What shall we evolve into? What would a world without morals look like? We’re a hair’s breath away from legalizing pedophilia, for heaven’s sake. This is progress?

Benjamin Franklin noted: “[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

In a Telegraph article discussing issues facing modern Britain, a rabbi called Lord Sacks is quoted as stating: “Concepts like duty, obligation, responsibility and honour have come to seem antiquated and irrelevant. Emotions like guilt, shame, contrition and remorse have been deleted from our vocabulary, for are we not all entitled to self-esteem? The still, small voice of conscience is rarely heard these days. Conscience has been outsourced, delegated away.”

The same article goes on to note, “In place of self-restraint, we have installed an all-embracing culture of grievance. Culprits have learnt to claim victim status. … Freedom means pursuing that with which it is possible to get away.”

“Intolerance” has become a dirty word. Back in my younger, more liberal days, I used to say I was “intolerant of intolerance.” But as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize intolerance has benefits. It allows societal standards to be set for the safety of its citizens.

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Sweep away the intolerance – let anything and everything be permitted and celebrated – and you have morals in the sewers, danger in the locker rooms, and children adrift and confused with no anchor to stabilize them.

Lord Sacks concluded: “Parliamentary reform and financial re-regulation will treat the symptoms, not the cause. Without conscience there can be no trust. Without a shared moral code there can be no free society. Either we recover the moral sense or we will find, too late, that in the name of liberty, we have lost our freedom.”

Similar concerns are shared in America. Those who are disturbed by the moral “evolution” in this nation can see very clearly where this is leading. We have little recourse but to withdraw from the insanity and live quietly according to our own moral standards. This is why homeschooling is exploding – it is a “medicine” to the symptoms of a diseased nation.

God removed His Hand from the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because they had “evolved.” We all know what happened next. See any parallels?

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