Sen. Pat Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey

Sen. Pat Toomey, who’s facing a tough re-election fight against his Democratic opponent, Katie McGinty, has pushed a piece of legislation that cracks down on sanctuary cities to the forefront of Senate consideration – in part, because he’s been using the issue as a major ding to his political competitor.

Specifically, the Pennsylvania Republican saw his bill skip the committee process and get fast-tracked onto the Senate calendar, opening the doors for the full floor to take it up for a vote.

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The bill would prevent cities with sanctuary policies – those with rules that grant illegal immigrants shelter from the deportation storm – from receiving certain federal funds.

And as the Hill wrote: “The floor action comes as Toomey has repeatedly knocked Katie McGinty … on the issue. He’s in a tough re-election fight heading into November. Republicans are defending 24 Senate seats, including a handful in states previously won by President Obama.”

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Toomey earlier this week hit McGinty hard on the matter, saying she ought to stop turning a blind eye to sanctuary cities. He also brought up the brutal slaying of Kate Steinle, the California woman who was shot and killed while walking with her father on a pier, allegedly by an illegal immigrant with a felony background whose presence in San Francisco was due, at least in part, to its sanctuary-city status.

“The bill stands for the simple proposition that the safety of the American people matters,” Toomey said, the Hill reported. “That the life of Kate Steinle matters. That protecting our own homeland from violent criminals, including terrorists, that matters.”

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