Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama in the Oval Office.

What motivated the terrorist in Orlando who killed 49 people and wounded another 53 one week ago?

The federal government has some clues, but apparently President Obama and his Justice Department don’t want the American people to see them.

After heavy criticism from Republicans and social media, the administration Monday clumsily reversed course after redacting portions of the transcript of the 9-1-1 call by Orlando killer Omar Mateen that made references to ISIS and Islam.

In a statement, the DOJ claimed that the controversy over whether to include the names of the terrorist organizations and leaders Mateen said he represented was an “unnecessary distraction.” The release of the more complete transcript, the DOJ said, was to “provide the highest level of transparency possible under the circumstances.”

In the newly released version, Mateen states: “I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State.”

Mateen apparently used the word “Allah,” but it still reads “God” in the new transcript.

Has our own government already surrendered to Islamic jihad? A national security insider uncovers the terrible truth. Philip Haney’s “See Something, Say Nothing” is available now from the WND Superstore.

Earlier Monday, Twitter contributors used the term [omitted] as a way of mocking the Obama administration.

But one man who wasn’t laughing was Philip Haney, a veteran counter-terrorism analyst and author of “See Something, Say Nothing,” now the No. 1 bestseller on terrorism at Amazon.com.

Haney said the Obama administration’s attempt to mislead the American people is exactly the tactic it used against him.

“My book title has become literally true,” he told WND. “The comments by Loretta Lynch and the attempt to edit this transcript and conceal the motivations of the terrorist are just déjà vu all over again. It’s exactly what they were doing to me, and now it’s like they are doing it to the American people.

“See something, say nothing. Literally telling us what words we are not allowed to say and what facts we are not allowed to notice,” he said.

Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security officer, once spearheaded investigations at the National Targeting Center, which provides information on entrants to the U.S. to Customs and Border Protection agents. He specialized in uncovering Islamic terrorist networks, finding the connections between different groups and uncovering attackers before they could strike. However, a major investigation he helped launch was shut down by the Obama administration because of fears that it violated the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims. Some of his records were even deleted.

Haney claims networks he was investigating were involved in December’s attack in San Bernardino, California. He further argues there is a a connection between the San Bernardino and Orlando attacks.

Haney said the Obama administration is hindering the efforts of DHS agents to stop terrorist attacks.

“They’re not even coming close to identifying this might be a network of organizations and individuals,” he said. “They’re just acting like it’s an event that took place totally independent of the larger situation.”

Haney pointed to a recent report from the Department of Homeland Security as a worrying example of how agencies designed to protect the country are hamstrung by a false narrative. The report says DHS should “reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.” This means not using terms such as “jihad,” “sharia,” “takfir” and “umma.”

Haney suggests that far from assisting in the war on Islamic terrorism, such tactics are only confusing Americans about the nature of the enemy.

“The Obama administration is completely dismissing the importance of the declaration of allegiance Omar Mateen made as though it had no significance,” he charged. “They are changing the narrative right in front of us. This is the same sort of thing we saw with the Benghazi attacks, where the real motivation was concealed and instead they tried to pin the blame on a movie.”

Haney characterized the federal government’s policies as profoundly insulting to the American people as well as dangerous.

“This kind of deception is another way of telling the American people that the government is going to tell them what to believe,” he said. “We saw the attacks, we see what motivated it. Now they’re telling us you can’t see that, you can’t say those words, and we are going to tell you exactly what to think. Even if the evidence says something completely different. Even if the terrorist himself says something completely different.”

Haney also alleged the investigation of the Orlando terrorist attack is already compromised.

Recent reports indicate lawyers from the Council on American-Islamic Relations are actually sitting in on the interviews between federal agents and Mateen’s fellow Muslims at his mosque, the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce. Haney noted CAIR itself has known ties to terrorism.

Haney said the group’s involvement in law enforcement is an ominous sign for Americans. And the counter-terrorism expert predicted further attacks will hit American soil.

“This is exactly how it’s going to be going forward,” he said. “And the attacks won’t stop. Because of the trajectory of the global Islamic movement; it’s going to keep going. And they are too strong for them to have any reason to stop themselves. We are the only ones who can actually stop them.”

According to CIA Director John Brennan, ISIS is likely to intensify its terrorist efforts worldwide to compensate for losses of territory in Iraq and Syria. A new video from ISIS also threatens more attacks on American soil.

“ISIS just declared they wanted more attacks and they’ve been true to their word thus far,” said Haney. “If I were a law enforcement officer, I’d be at the highest possible level of alertness right now.”

Has our own government already surrendered to Islamic jihad? A national security insider uncovers the terrible truth. Philip Haney’s “See Something, Say Nothing” is available now from the WND Superstore.

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