Target has a choice to make. Target shareholders are meeting today, Wednesday, June 8, to decide whether they would rather protect their customers or the LGBT agenda.

Will Target put the safety of their customers first, or will they dig in their heels and lose even more customers and more than the $10 billion dollars they have already lost?

To help them decide, hundreds of families and concerned citizens from across the nation gathered in front of Target stores on Saturday from Alabama to California, Florida to Indiana and from Texas to Tennessee, with one message: “Don’t Target our Daughters.” Here’s the two and a half minute video showing what most in the media wouldn’t let you see:

I made a bet today that I hope I’ll lose. I bet a buddy 10 bucks that Target will turn its back on its (former) customers rather than change its dangerous bathroom policy that allows cross-dressing men, predators, pedophiles and registered sex offenders into the ladies fitting rooms and rest rooms. My friend argued, “That would be insane.” He is right.

But, as I mentioned in my May 24 column, transgenderism is a certified mental disorder with the American Psychiatric Association (at least until activists bully their way to have it removed, as the homosexual lobby did). The APA also acknowledged that 4 out of 10 who choose this confused path of pretend end up attempting suicide. Seems like Obama, Target and the LGBT agenda are working very hard to push a lot of confused people off the cliff. Not very compassionate, if you ask me.

And not very wise, since registered sex offenders and pedophiles are already taking Target up on their open invitation, following women and filming little girls changing their clothes.

But this isn’t about wisdom or logic. While homosexuals insist they are “born that way” despite the absence of any evidence of a single “gay gene,” transgenders, on the other hand, insist they are not “born that way,” despite nothing but genetic evidence to the contrary.

I’m not sure how it will go over with the science department, but students in Washington State have just been ordered by the state superintendent to ignore biology (and the APA) and teach transgenderism as “normal” beginning in kindergarten. But don’t worry – if the carcinogenic puberty-blocking hormones, body mutilation and wardrobe change don’t do the trick, they can always alter your birth certificate and driver’s license to add to the ruse.

This is not about truth; it is about control. They want not only to call evil good, but to make everyone call evil good or go to jail – directly to jail. When I wrote the “Criminalization of Christianity” a decade ago, people ridiculed me for suggesting that Christians in America would go to jail for merely following their biblical beliefs. If you’re still living in the dark, I suggest talking it over with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, now that she’s out of jail for practicing her Christian faith.

You may have heard it said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” You know that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. But this is still America, and we still have some freedoms left. But the only way we can keep them is if we use them right now.

Target is the perfect, uh, target. They have been on the forefront of evil for a while now:

  1. They signed onto an amicus brief to redefine marriage (in the 7th Circuit).
  2. They were among the first to advertise a homosexual “wedding registry.”
  3. They rid their toy departments of anything that could reflect “gender” such as the colors pink and blue (even yellow and green – lest someone interpret it as relating to gender) or the suggestion that dolls or trucks had a likely demographic.
  4. They used their clothing to propagandize the homosexual agenda, donating profits of a “Love is Love” T-shirt to undermine traditional marriage.
  5. They also support the radical “Equality Act,” which ensures that Religious Freedom bows to the LGBT agenda.

Target is evil. And now Target has become dangerous. If they don’t change their policy that puts women and children at risk, they deserve to be more than boycotted – they deserve to be bankrupt.

While I’m still hoping to lose my $10 bet, I will make a prediction. I predict that Target will throw women and girls to the predators and continue to bleed by the billions. I predict they will claim their “solution” is to build more unisex one-stall bathrooms, but what they won’t do is tell the gender confused to use them. No, I predict they will tell families who care about safety and moms with children about to wet their pants to wait in the long line for the single bathroom while men occupy the men’s, women’s and unisex bathrooms – not to mention both changing rooms. I predict Target will lose even more customers and even more money. I predict they will lose employees, and they will close stores. But the choice is theirs to make.

They make their choice, and we make ours. My buddy who will soon owe me $10 just sent me a text that reads, “Christians who question #BankruptTarget put the almighty dollar ahead of Almighty God.”

On this we agree.

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