Alexandria Vera

Alexandria Vera

Alexandria Vera, 24, a middle-school teacher for the Aldine Independent district in Houston, Texas, accused of having sex with her eighth-grade student – an act that led to her pregnancy and later, abortion – turned herself in to Montgomery County police to face charges of sexual abuse.

According to local media and court documents, Vera admittedly engaged in a long-running sexual relationship with the boy with the knowledge and support of his parents.

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Vera, an English teacher at the middle school, allegedly told authorities she first met the boy, then 13, during summer school and gave him her phone number when he asked. She also allegedly said the boy asked her to hang out, and she agreed, and that over the course of a couple of days, kissing led to a sexual relationship.

As Click2Houston put it: “Vera said the student’s parents not only knew about the relationship, they approved of it and allowed the teen to spend the night at Vera’s home … where they engaged in sex on a regular basis, according to court documents. She told an investigator that she would drop him off at home in the morning so he could catch the bus to Stovall Middle School, prosecutors said.”

Vera also said she met the boy’s parents at school during an open house gathering in October and was around that time frame introduced to them as his girlfriend. Meanwhile, students at the school also noticed an odd level of comfort between the two.

“He like grabbed her butt and everyone saw it,” one student told ABC News. “And they they were talking about [their relationship].”

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Months into their sexual relationship, Vera said he impregnated her – and that his parents were excited about the baby, Click2Houston reported.

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But when Child Protective Services began asking questions about her relationship with the boy, Vera said she became nervous and decided to abort the baby.

Prosecutors say they have phone evidence that supports Vera’s telling of the events, including the pregnancy, the local news outlet reported.

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