I guess I am one of those old-fashioned women who still likes men. As Father’s Day weekend wraps up, I yearn to acknowledge the unique role that men play in society – although, some in this country would have that role replaced by big-daddy government.

Christians believe a man is the head of the household responsible for the protection, honor and elevation of his wife and family.

Statistics show us that a child’s success hinges on having a father in the home, but the regressive left in this country would have you believe that men are the problem in our society.

You may wonder why liberals would wish to wage war on men. Why would the left seek to destroy families? The real motivation is division and subsequent political power.

Consider inner cities. There is no role for men in poor, minority neighborhoods. Big-daddy government has replaced the head of the household as the provider. Men who were destined to be providers for their families now have no purpose in their lives.

The government gives the inner-city family enough to survive and leaves them with no hope for anything better. A man with no purpose in the home doesn’t stay there. He seeks his satisfaction and fulfillment in other ways – alcohol, drugs, gangs, crime.

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The left has successfully destroyed millions of families and turned them into Democrat/socialist voters who are dependent on the government. Do they care that they have robbed millions of poor minority households of happiness and success? No. Not as long as these households keep voting for Democrats.

Statists dream of a utopia where they can rob all Americans of hope and success. They wish for all of America to look like Chicago. Every household that is broken by Democrat policies provides them with another vote and just a little more power.

Men across the country are feeling the pain of two terms of Obama. I spoke about the plight of the American male worker on Fox Business this week, and the viewer response was overwhelming.

There are many positions leftists take that puzzle those of us on the right. When you see statists pushing policies like gun control, welfare, socialized medicine, higher taxes, etc. and you wonder why they would ever promote such destructive ideas for Americans, just remember, everything the regressive left does is in an effort to increase its political power.

When you realize that, its constant stream of bad ideas suddenly make sense.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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