LONDON – The successful Brexit vote in the United Kingdom is the biggest victory for national sovereignty and individual freedom in the world in a very long time. This is huge!

The global elites, led by Obama, have been desperate to fast-track their one-world agenda during his presidency and consequently moved too fast on “gay” marriage, open borders and setting up their planetary government infrastructure – awakening the sleeping populist giant across the Western world. Increasingly people everywhere are recognizing that the Trump/Sanders campaigns, the rise of the political right in Eastern Europe and Brexit are all part of one global phenomenon. And that the eruptions of chaos around the world from the Arab Spring disasters, to the reckless anti-Russian war-propaganda campaign, to the economic meltdown and human rights crisis in Venezuela have one point of origin: Obama and the 1 percent.

Importantly, the elites are fully aware that their policies have stirred up rebellion – and could have placated the people at any time by simply backing off or even just conceding their policies weren’t working. Instead, they’ve been willing to risk outright revolution to fulfill their dream of a global socialist order and believed they could suppress opposition through propaganda and psychological manipulation. These tools have always worked for them in the past. But the Brexit victory represents the failure of those control mechanisms, and the revolution against their agenda has now been greatly emboldened.

So what do you think the elites will do in response to Brexit? Will they admit defeat and capitulate to the will of the people? Will they give up their dream and begin to reaffirm the importance of the natural family, personal freedom and national sovereignty? (Ha!)

Or will they do whatever it takes to re-establish control over the people and crush the rebellion?

My guess is the latter and that it will take the form of orchestrated economic crisis in the short and medium term as a form of punishment – with the goal of making the British regret their decision and putting fear and uncertainty in the hearts of other rebel movements. And I believe they may also instigate war, probably with Russia, possibly a proxy war in Syria, to shift world attention away from the rebellion, stop its momentum and create the pretext for a new level of police-state controls and/or martial law under which further rebellion can be treated as criminal and/or treasonous conduct.

I recommend two important articles in support of this analysis. The first regards my premise that the stock market is entirely controlled by the elites and has been since at least 2009 and possibly since 2001 or before, meaning that what we once knew as independent “market forces” have been trumped by computer algorithms and other machinations of a relatively small number of financial puppet-masters. I came to this conclusion as a self-taught investor and fiduciary of a small but successful investment fund from the late 1990s to 2008. Based on what I learned, I have been expecting a serious market correction since 2013 and began to suspect that it was being artificially prevented from behind the scenes. I found support for my suspicion in New York Post column.

Secondly, regarding the concern that the elites may use war as a tactic for stopping the populist revolution, I refer you to this excellent article from the far-left Nation magazine: “Is the U.S. pursuing a rogue policy by waging undeclared war against Russia?”

I attended a post-Brexit meeting of pro-family leaders and activists Friday here in London. There was tremendous joy and relief at the U.K. decision to leave the EU, but we wanted to discuss the way forward. For my part I presented the thoughts in this column and added that one thing we must do is immediately start reminding everyone who it is that actually rules the economic realm now in such apparent upheaval following Brexit. It is the same 1 percent of Banksters, Eurocrats and Multinational Predatory Corporatists who lied, manipulated and threatened that chaos would ensue if we defied them. They have already begun stirring up public resentment against the millions of Britons who voted Leave. But our burgeoning international populist/conservative movement has the power and the tools to shift the blame back to where it belongs. It’s time to apply a little Judo.

And with that realization, we of the political right at the grass-roots level should also work to form a limited alliance with our counterparts on the political left to cooperate in exposing and opposing the 1 percent and perhaps prevent World War III. As real and valid as our disagreements may be on public policy, our left/right hyper-polarization over them doesn’t help anyone except the elites who, I believe, deliberately inflame passions on both sides to keep us busy fighting each other while they plunder the public treasury and entrench themselves ever more firmly in their positions of power.

Let’s use the Brexit victory as a springboard to unite the grass roots on both sides to save ourselves from being made serfs in their emerging neo-feudal empire. As we savor the moment, let’s also prepare to defend ourselves against their campaign of vengeance and to keep this wave of freedom rolling across the globe.

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