In America today there is a “war of the worlds” – a battle between two opposing mindsets – and WND Managing Editor David Kupelian exposed the real nature of that war to a large Christian audience on “Understanding the Times Radio” with Jan Markell.

“You know, we talk about ‘the left,’ ‘the right,’ almost like there’s a moral equivalence,” Kupelian told Markell, whose show airs on more than 800 stations. “It’s more like ‘up’ and ‘down’ than ‘left’ and ‘right.'”

Kupelian, author of the highly acclaimed book, “The Snapping of the American Mind,” wrote a column recently in which he showed how the political and cultural left cannot operate without violating all of the Ten Commandments. He clarified that he was not talking about the types of liberals who simply want to create a bigger safety net for the poor, but rather, the hardcore leftists who totally reject the Judeo-Christian values that have long formed the moral foundation of America.

It is a “political and cultural movement that is really, at its very core, an emanation of an ancient desire to rebel against God and His commandments,” Kupelian said.

He noted that those who don’t believe in God or God’s laws see everything differently than believers do.

“I look out my window and I see all these trees,” he said to Markell, “and Obama didn’t make them – and the left didn’t make them. There is a Creator, and there are laws that govern our lives, and if you realize that, then you have to realize that to atheists, all this is nonsense – including the moral laws that God bequeathed. So there really is a war of the worlds between these two ways.”

Kupelian, whose previous books include the culture-war classic “The Marketing of Evil” and its sequel, “How Evil Works,” noted that this war has been raging in America for at least a century, when “progressives” began to infiltrate the public schools. It continued in the 1930s with the arrival of the Frankfurt School, an influential group of Marxist academics who sought to uproot Christianity in order to create space for Marxism to take hold in America. The Frankfurt School provided the foundation for the cultural revolution of the 1960s, with its widespread unrest on college campuses.

All of this has led to the disturbing situation on college campuses today.

“Our colleges, except for a few Christian colleges, but for the most part the major [ones]… have become stark raving mad!” Kupelian exclaimed.

He pointed to some of the bizarre “truths” many students learn in college today: For example, there are far more than two genders, and everyone must use the correct pronouns for each gender or risk fines and shaming. America, with its capitalist underpinnings, is an evil place while socialism and communism are good. Sex with anyone or anything is OK. There is no God, and no objective standard of right and wrong. Morality is subjective.

“You can’t tell me that you can teach beautiful, impressionable young people these things and not throw them into tremendous inner conflict, that they’re going to reach out to relieve through drugs or, ironically, through sex … basically losing themselves in something,” Kupelian said.

Indeed, depression is a raging epidemic among college students, with 44 percent of American students reporting its symptoms. Consequently, suicide is the third leading cause of death among college students and the second leading cause among Americans ages 15 to 34. In fact, more teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from all other medical illnesses combined.

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It’s not just college students who are snapping, either. The New York Times reported in April that the U.S. suicide rate had surged to a 30-year high. What’s more, the homicide rate spiked in more than 20 major American cities in the first three months of this year.

Then there are the widespread addiction problems. Kupelian notes about 50 million Americans take mood-altering psychiatric drugs, and another 25 million take some of those same drugs illegally. Plus about 60 million Americans abuse alcohol.

“That shows you a nation in grave conflict!” Kupelian said. “You don’t take these drugs unless you have conflict.”

“Why do we have the inner conflict?” Kupelian asked rhetorically. “Because there is a God. We do have a conscience that He graciously tucked into each one of us, a little bit of consciousness of right and wrong… These laws of God are written into our hearts. We all have it.

“But the schools have become so perverse that they’re basically tearing this out of people … and it’s not just in the schools, it’s in the society at large. We have basically a culture of sexual anarchy and godlessness, and yes, there is a price to pay. It throws people into conflict, and we try to relieve the conflict by taking drugs or getting addicted to pornography or whatever else.”

Kupelian noted the left and right have different views on where ultimate societal and individual healing comes from. Conservatives, especially religious ones, tend to look within, focusing on self-understanding, repentance, forgiveness and the building of character.

“The left is not introspective,” Kupelian contrasted. “It sees all the problems on the outside. They’ve got to restructure society, they’ve got to redistribute wealth, they have to change these laws, they have to force people to do this and that, and that is why they are open to human messiahs. Hitler was seen as a messiah by the German people in the middle of the 20th century. So it’s a very dangerous thing to be looking for human messiahs.”

In “The Snapping of the American Mind,” Kupelian writes about the many human messiahs people have looked to for help over the generations. But none of those messiahs was the real Messiah. Kupelian urges Americans to look inward for spiritual healing, inspired by the true Messiah.

“Ultimately we’re not going to save our country and our culture if we can’t start with ourselves,” he said. “Look, if we’re addicted to pornography and we’re taking drugs and our family’s falling apart, we’re useless when it comes to going out there and trying to save our country. So charity starts at home, and healing starts at home. We need to start with ourselves and our families.”


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