One of my biggest peeves is when I hear someone repeat the lie that the United States was built by immigrants or that our country was based on immigration. That’s not true. It was built by settlers and pioneers.

Some politicians and pundits use the “built by immigrants” phrase to push their open borders agenda. Others use the phrase to show that they harbor no hatred for immigrants. Either way, their catchphrase isn’t accurate.

The U.S. was built by pioneers and settlers who created something from nothing. They were the real-life superheroes who risked their lives to make very dangerous journeys to undeveloped and dangerous lands where they had to build something where only wilderness existed.

It is inaccurate to call these men immigrants. An immigrant is someone who comes to a new place and enjoys what pioneers worked and died to create.

Entrepreneurs and freedom seekers came here from Europe just a few hundred years ago and built the foundation for the great society that we all enjoy today.

Most of North America had not been tread upon by human feet before early American pioneers blazed trails through the American wilderness.

When we picture pioneers like Daniel Boone traveling to unknown areas of the continent, we picture a covered wagon with a family cheerfully cruising across the prairie. It wasn’t like that.

There were no roads, no bridges, no maps. Boone had to clear trees and build the road in front of him on all sorts of difficult terrain. His family was ambushed by Native Americans, and several members of the Boone family were killed and captured over his years of pioneering. To call Boone and the other American pioneers “immigrants” doesn’t do them justice.

Using the trails and roads created by pioneers, settlers set up their lives in the wilderness on the outskirts of civilization. To call a settler an immigrant is also a disservice.

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An immigrant coming to America today enjoys the civilization that was created from nothing by pioneers and settlers in a wild and undeveloped land. Not even President Obama can claim they didn’t build that.

They also created a civilized system of government that advanced the world by thousands of years almost overnight. Had these pioneers taken an easier route in life, the greatest and freest country in world history would not be here today. Immigrants would have no free place in which to flee.

When civilization was brought to the New World and men were given free rein to build, innovate and create, world history was changed.

If those men had not risked everything, we would not be living the lives we do today. There likely would not be television or the Internet. Doctors would still be bloodletting, and we would likely be reading each night by candlelight.

If pioneers had not created the U.S., the course of world wars would not have been changed by American military intervention. Evil would likely rule the world, and there would be no place for the oppressed to dream of living and achieving their dreams.

Immigrants didn’t build America. Men like Daniel Boone did. Immigrants get to enjoy what Boone and others founded and created.

Does that mean all immigration should be shut down? No – although, the sacrifice of great men should not be disrespected by opening the borders of the land they built.

Enemies of our American system wave the flags of foreign countries as they disrupt our political process and wage violence against Americans.

Evil men pledging allegiance to our enemies and to a religious system incompatible with America’s freedoms shout to their god as they massacre innocent Americans.

The safety of innocent Americans is at stake as we debate border security and immigration policy. Also at stake is the legacy of the men who sacrificed so much to pioneer the American wilderness and create this great land that immigrants and citizens enjoy today.

We must honor hard-working American families who deserve safety from those who wish to breach our borders, and we should also honor Daniel Boone and those brave pioneers by securing our borders and keeping our enemies at bay.

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