When was the last time you heard a Republican presidential nominee launch a blistering attack on the character and the career of a Democratic opponent like the one we witnessed Wednesday?

Would never be about right?

When was the last time we heard a high-ranking Republican official or party leader say what Donald Trump said so candidly and pointedly?

Again, would it be never?

And, lastly, let me ask you this: When was the last time anyone in the so-called “mainstream” media reported accurately on the blistering charges leveled by the presumptive GOP nominee, soon to become the leader of the Republican Party?

I suspect that, too, would be never.

And that’s precisely why that speech by Trump was so important.

For far too long, Republican leadership has been content to play “nice” as Barack Obama has driven the country to the brink of moral, cultural and economic bankruptcy, flouted the law of the land and incited hatred and divisiveness. It has also fully cooperated with Obama’s agenda, providing all the borrowed money he would need to wreak havoc while increasing the debt more than all other presidents in history combined.

Not only was Trump’s speech encouraging, it was 100 percent true. Everything he said needed to be said – about Hillary Clinton and Obama.

But it wasn’t simply a dire message he delivered. It was also upbeat and positive. Trump recognizes America is not in need of a course correction, it’s in need of a course reversal.

As I write this column, the so-called “mainstream media” are portraying it negatively, as one would expect. Thousands of reporters are busy “fact-checking” the speech, telling Americans why he is wrong about much of what he said. But what they are really doing is providing cover for themselves for so many years of lies they have told to prop up their own heroes in the Democratic Party for the “fundamental transformation” of the nation they are so happy to see – one that has taken place by breaking all the rules, not playing by them.

It was also an important speech because, for many Americans, it’s the first time they have heard about Hillary’s illicit use of her position as secretary of state to enrich herself at the expense of the people and the integrity of our nation.

This time, what has been widely reported in the New Media, in books and on talk radio has now been heard unfiltered, spoken with passion and conviction by the new political opposition Trump represents.

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He was right to do what he did, because the future of our nation is at stake. The hour is late. We may not get another chance to make things right again.

He called her out on her lies – and there is just no other word for her intentional, calculated and prolific dishonesty.

He called her out on her official corruption.

He called her out on her disastrous policies as secretary of state that have set the Middle East on fire, gotten Americans killed and increased the reign of Islamic terror around the world.

It’s about time someone with his unique platform and status did so. It’s time to fight back aggressively and to offer an alternative vision of the future – something we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan did it, more gently, perhaps, in the 1980s.

If you agree with me, let me suggest you send video of that speech and/or a copy of the transcript to everyone you know who may have missed it.

It’s the only way to stop the madness of the last eight years and to ensure Hillary Clinton never gets the chance to finish off the American Dream.

Trump’s speech:

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