Refugees flooding Germany in recent months.

Refugees flooding Germany in recent months.

German intelligence agents say they’ve discovered that at least 17 terrorists tied to ISIS snuck into Europe disguised as refugees seeking sanctuary.

“Most of them are already in prison or dead,” said Hans-Georg Maassen, the head of the BfV domestic intelligence agency, in an interview with FAZ newspaper.

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Among the dead: two suspects killed in the Paris terrorist attacks, the intelligence report said.

More than 1.1 million migrants were allowed into Germany in the last year alone, most of whom hailed from Syria and Afghanistan. Maassen, in an interview with NBC News earlier this year, ISIS was purposely trying to “send a political, not an operational signal” by using the refugee crisis to its advantage.

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“[ISIS] wanted to show … it is capable of smuggling terrorists to Europe concealed as refugees and that every refugee can be a terrorist,” he said.

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