Martial arts, film and television star and WND exclusive columnist Chuck Norris’ son, Mike Norris, recently had a scare that he attributes to reaction to his new movie, “Amerigeddon,” according to an online report.

A post at Radaronline says the younger Norris, 53, said “a mysterious man in a grey suit likely poisoned him on June 26th as a ‘warning’ about a controversial new movie he directed – and is now screening.”

WND reported earlier, before the movie’s May 13 release, that Mike Norris noticed a number of “bizarre coincidences” during the making of the film.

For example, the film’s plot includes a nuclear attack, and at the time North Korea was threatening the U.S. The movie also touches on weapon confiscation, just as President Obama was pressing for more gun control.

Then, one of the heroes is faced with the heavy hand of government while in real life the federal government’s massive Jade Helm military exercise in the Southwest had raised personal liberty concerns.

In the movie, an electromagnetic pulse attack over the U.S. wipes out the energy grid, along with all electronic devices, such as phones, credit card processing systems and computers.

“A Nation Forsaken” by Michael Maloof lays out the reality of an EMP attack, and it’s not pretty. Available at the WND Superstore.

The American government reacts to the attack, which was staged with the help of the U.N., by declaring martial law and stripping Americans of their constitutional rights and their guns.

“Our government, bought and paid for and ruled from the bench, is our bad guy,” Norris explained to WND. “The heroes are a group of Americans who say, ‘We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and we will not be trampled on.'”

Radaronline said, of the latest development, that Mike Norris now is employing a “Chuck Norris-approved” bodyguard and family friend.

The report said it happened at a screening in Columbus, Ohio.

“Mike told Radar he was in the theater when the mystery man approached him and rubbed his hand on the back of his neck,” the report said.

“He looked out of place. Everybody in the theater was in shorts and T-shirts and he’s in a dark, kind of grey looking suit, without a tie. Open collar; button-down shirt. He was in his late ’30s, early ’40s; clean-shaven,” Mike Norris said.

“He got up close behind me, brushed my neck and said, ‘Interesting movie,’ over my shoulder.”

But the report said symptoms began shortly later during his drive to Dayton.

“I’m like, ‘This is weird, something feels funny on my face,'” Mike Norris told Radar. “I don’t feel good. Something doesn’t feel right. My wife Valerie said, ‘Stop and get a Benadryl.'”

He felt horrible and was itchy “all over my face” by the time he got to Dayton.

He awoke later in the night as “pus oozed from every pore on my face,” the report said.

“My lymph nodes were the size of golf balls,” he told Radaronline. “The doctor said it was 100 percent external – that I had touched my neck and spread it all over my face.”

The report said blood tests were negative and it wasn’t a reaction to food.

“My dad warned me,” he told Radaronline. “When I showed him the movie, he said, ‘Be careful!'”

As for the bodyguard, he said, “I would have hired my father, but I can’t afford him.”

“Amerigeddon” also addresses globalist issues such as the New World Order and the National Defense Authorization Act.

“We’ve just taken our story and stripped it down to real people, real issues, real things that are happening,” he told WND earlier.

“It is a movie, it is fictional. But it is very much a newsreel,” he said. “If you were to just open a newspaper and look at what’s going on in the world, this is our movie.”

Norris said he has been making Christian films since he directed “Walker, Texas Ranger,” his father’s television hit, in the 1990s.

He said he hopes “Amerigeddon” makes people think about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, because there are real world implications.

For example, “If we get the wrong Supreme Court judge, it’s over,” he said.

“A Nation Forsaken” by Michael Maloof lays out the reality of an EMP attack, and it’s not pretty. Available at the WND Superstore.

“Amerigeddon” is only the first in a series of planned films and TV projects through which Norris and producer Gary Heavin hope to promote patriotic values. Norris told WND the next film will portray what the world would look like a year after an EMP strike. They also hope to explore what would happen if the banks declared a holiday in America as they’ve done in Greece.

The trailer:

“A Nation Forsaken” by Michael Maloof lays out the reality of an EMP attack, and it’s not pretty. Available at the WND Superstore.


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