Bachmann: Whistleblower was my source

By Paul Bremmer

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.
Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

Former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney suffered through many hardships after he decided to blow the whistle on the government’s submission to Islamic supremacists.

However, Haney did not travel that dangerous road alone. He had a defender in Congress, an ally who fought with him in his efforts to expose the Obama administration’s elevation of political correctness over law enforcement-based counter-terrorism.

That ally was former Rep. Michele Bachmann, the now-retired Minnesota Republican.

“I lived that story with Phil, and actually it was my assistant that I had asked to go to the highways and byways and bring every person that you could to me,” Bachmann said in a recent interview with “Understanding the Times Radio” with Jan Markell.

“I sat on the Intelligence Committee, which dealt with classified secrets of our nation and terrorism, and I wanted to find out the whole truth on what was going on with terrorism and with our country. I had suspected that maybe we weren’t getting the whole story in front of my committee, and so my assistant brought Phil Haney to me.”

Haney shared some startling news with Bachmann. He revealed the administration’s stealth policy to protect Islamic leaders with supremacist beliefs and ties to violent jihadists, allowing them to freely travel between the U.S. and the Middle East. He said the Obama White House was opening its doors to members of Muslim Brotherhood front groups and even letting them help craft U.S. national security policy.

Haney revealed the DHS had purged training materials that cast Islam in a negative light. Worse, in 2009, Haney’s superiors ordered him to remove critical linking information from more than 800 records he had created on individuals associated with Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States. Three years later, the higher-ups deleted all 67 records Haney had created on individuals associated with a worldwide Islamic group called Tablighi Jamaat.

In both cases, the Obama administration fretted Haney’s research violated the civil rights and civil liberties of the Muslims. In fact, Haney was investigated nine times during his time at DHS.

He chronicled all this and more in his book, “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”

Bachmann, realizing how important this information was, began to meet with Haney on a regular basis.

“What I tried to do was introduce Phil to as many members of Congress as I could, keeping a protective shield over him, a bubble, so that he wouldn’t be fired,” Bachmann told Markell. “He had no reason to be fired, but he knew that he was operating in the Obama administration and that he potentially could be fired.”

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Bachmann took Haney to committee chairmen, subcommittee chairmen and other members of Congress.

“My goal was to see him granted either a subpoena to come and testify, a forced invitation to come and testify before Congress, or whistleblower status,” she said.

Bachmann said for many members of Congress, “their socks were blown off” when they listened to Haney’s allegations. However, that did not necessarily translate to action.

“The problem is to get members of Congress to go from hearing it to acting on it [is] something else, because they didn’t want to risk upsetting the political hierarchy in D.C.,” Bachmann explained.

Bachmann knows firsthand how risky it can be to challenge the Washington establishment. In the summer of 2012, she and four other Congress members took Haney’s concerns public, warning of evidence the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated the top levels of U.S. government. She asked officials to examine the background of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who had three family members connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As WND has extensively reported, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacist connections not only extend to Abedin’s mother and father, who are both deeply tied to al-Qaida fronts, but to Abedin herself.

Bachmann faced fierce pushback not only from Democrats but from fellow Republicans as well.

“I had the presidential nominee of our own party come after me and castigate me on the Senate floor for raising questions about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our government – John McCain,” Bachmann recalled. “I had my own speaker of the House, John Boehner, go after me. I had my own committee chair of the Intelligence Committee [Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.] come after me, the ranking member, the minority leader, come after me, as well as members of Congress in my own state. It was stunning to see the entire lineup come after me in solid voice.”

Facing seemingly universal opposition from the political establishment, Bachmann dropped 17 points in the polls for her 2012 re-election bid. She knew she had to raise millions for her re-election campaign because the Democrats leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, had designated Bachmann as one of the top targets to defeat in the House races. Bachmann told Markell she also had to pay off a roughly $1 million debt from her presidential campaign, which she had suspended earlier in 2012. Yet none of these obstacles deterred the Minnesota congresswoman from doing what she thought was right.

“I didn’t really think twice about not pursuing this issue on the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in our government because I knew how serious it was,” she declared.

Bachmann assured Markell that she would not have done anything differently in her congressional career if she could go back in time. She is secure in the fact she trusted herself, she trusted Haney and she trusted in her Lord.

“I knew the information was right, and for me I was a believer in Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit,” Bachmann proclaimed. “That doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else, but the blessing that I had is that I was guided by the still-small voice of the Holy Spirit, and that’s what I tried to actively listen to.”

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