Bill and Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Bill and Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Former President Bill Clinton told Americans Tuesday night about Hillary Clinton’s lifetime of fighting for people in the context of a 45-year love story, but the account fails to ring true for Dolly Kyle.

Kyle was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton and later carried on a years-long affair with him after Clinton was engaged and married to Hillary. Kyle is also the author of recently published book, “Hillary: The Other Woman.” Kyle and Clinton remained intimate until Clinton’s 1992 White House bid, at which point he cut off contact when he mistakenly thought she was about to go public with their affair.

On Tuesday, the former president began his speech with a description of how he and Hillary met at Yale Law School.

“In the spring of 1971, I met a girl,” said Clinton, noting that they were both taking a political and civil rights class together.

“After the class, I followed her out, intending to introduce myself. I got close enough to touch her back, but I couldn’t do it. Somehow I knew this would not be just another tap on the shoulder, and I might be starting something I couldn’t stop,” added Clinton.

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Kyle could not believe Clinton used that terminology.

“The first thing I thought when he thought about touching a female in front of him was the number of women he’s raped and sexually assaulted,” Kyle told WND and Radio America.

Clinton went on to explain he finally met Hillary in the law library at Yale because she made the long walk over to him and said they might as well know each other’s names if they were going to keep staring at each other.

“I’ve heard the story repeated ad nauseum about how they met in the law library and the law library got bigger and the stairs became greater and there became more and more of a romantic element the more times they told the story,” Kyle said. “However, considering that Billy and Hillary are both pathological liars, it’s hard to say how much of that story is true.”

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Bill Clinton told his friend about meeting Hillary, but her version of the story is a bit different.

“Oh sure, he told me about Hillary,” she said. “And he told me in the fall of 1972 that he was moving in with her at Yale. He made it sound like it was no big deal, which apparently to him it wasn’t because he was seeing plenty of other women at the time as he always did, including throughout their engagement and their marriage.”

According to Kyle, Hillary was well aware of Bill infidelities even then.

“He was dating women – and me – at the University of Arkansas in 1974. Hillary knew that,” Kyle said. “She sent her father and one of her brothers to Arkansas to spy on him while she was still in Washington trying to establish herself on her own. She realized with her personality and all that she couldn’t possibly (do it) so she had to ride his coattails.”

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In his speech, Clinton also described how the birth of Chelsea in 1980 transformed their lives for the better. He also said his failed bid for re-election as governor of Arkansas in 1982 allowed them to focus all of their attention on their young daughter.

WB309_Hillary the Other Woman_mnKyle said Americans shouldn’t believe that, either. She contends Chelsea exists because of political calculations.

“The whole idea of having that baby was a political ploy to take attention away from what Billy called ‘the warden’s’ lifestyle’ and to make them appear to be a normal couple,” Kyle said, referring to the name Clinton allegedly used to refer to his wife.

“Every single thing they’ve done has had a political agenda attached to it, including the birth of Chelsea,” she explained.

Despite her many frustrations with the Clintons, Kyle insists there’s nothing bitter about her criticism of them.

“This is not a scorned woman or, ‘Gee, he’s the one who got away.’ Thank God I wasn’t married to a rapist,” she said.

In his speech Tuesday, Clinton also referred to Hillary as the greatest “change-maker” he’s ever seen. Kyle begs to differ.

“Talk about fighting for women and children,” she said. “She doesn’t talk about representing a rapist who raped a 12-year-old girl and Hillary lied about the girl and made up stories. The man deserved a constitutional defense, but he did not deserve someone lying about the victim.”

Kyle said there was nothing in Bill Clinton’s speech that surprised her, and she probably could have written much of it herself. However, she said voters need to think long and hard before casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t think anyone can have information and integrity and support Hillary Clinton. You just can’t,” she said. “There’s something wrong if you know about her and can vote for her.”

The NATIONWIDE SENSATION which is rocking the 2016 election. “Hillary: The Other Woman,” the explosive new book exposing the horrible history of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Available now at the WND Superstore.

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