Comey testimony reveals Hillary’s ‘cognitive impairment’?

By WND Staff

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

FBI Director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook, but his explanation of why may prove to be even more politically damaging than an indictment. And his comments support what one of the people most familiar with the Clintons, Bill Clinton’s childhood friend and former lover Dolly Kyle, has long alleged.

The presumptive Democratic Party nominee is suffering from a “cognitive impairment.”

In testimony before Congress on Thursday, Comey said Hillary Clinton was not just careless, but implied she didn’t understand the importance of the information she was handling.

U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., asked Comey if a “sophisticated” person would understand the importance of handling very sensitive information. Noting Clinton signed documents from the FBI, which acknowledged the importance of appropriately handling classified information, DeSantis asked how then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could possibly have thought having an unsecured private server was appropriate.

Comey responded with a bombshell that cuts to the heart of Hillary Clinton’s competence.

Comey stated: “Well, I want to take one of your assumptions about sophistication. I don’t think that our investigation established she was actually particularly sophisticated with respect to classified information and the levels and treatment.”

DeSantis replied, “Isn’t she an original classification authority, though?”

While she was secretary of state, Clinton would, as an “original classification authority,” have had the authority to designate certain information as Secret or Top Secret, implying extra responsibility for her to safeguard her own records.

Comey responded, “Yes, sir. Yes, sir.”

“Good grief!” replied a stunned DeSantis.

Other testimony revealed Hillary Clinton used multiple devices while secretary of state to store information, failed to return all work-related emails to the State Department as she had claimed and had sent classified email on her own email system. Nonetheless, Comey refused to recommend charges, telling members of Congress it would not be “fair.” He also implied she simply didn’t know the severity of what she was doing wrong.

Dolly Kyle, a childhood friend of “Billy” Clinton who had a romantic relationship with the former president for several years, even after Bill and Hillary were married, said that situation is precisely backward. Kyle, a former award-winning lawyer in Texas, slammed Comey’s contention Hillary Clinton did not intend to break the law.

“The law that Hillary violated did not require ‘intent,'” she told WND.

The author of “Hillary The Other Woman” said Hillary Clinton is characterized by a combination of carelessness, ignorance and entitlement.

“Hillary’s lack of the most minimal technological knowledge not only illustrates her increasing cognitive impairment, but it also illustrates her lifelong above-it-all arrogance,” she said. “Hillary does not need to know what the little details mean because none of those details apply to her and none of the requirements of the law apply to her, as we have seen for the past 30 years.”

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In “Hillary The Other Woman,” Kyle assembles a formidable case Hillary Clinton’s mental ability is beginning to deteriorate, as the candidate has shown emotional instability, memory loss and difficulty planning and carrying out tasks. Kyle also details how Hillary Clinton’s troublesome temperament has manifested over the years, including her long history of what Kyle calls a “pathological” tendency to lie, even where there is nothing to be gained.

More importantly, Kyle alleges Hillary Clinton has an inability to handle situations spontaneously and without a script.

“Note her irate response about Benghazi, when she yelled, ‘What difference does it make?'” said Kyle. “Hillary Clinton has not had a press conference since December 4, 2015. She’s terrified to have a press conference because she is unable to listen attentively to a question and formulate an answer under pressure. Don’t forget, she recently even read the word ‘sigh’ when reading off the teleprompter!

“She has now told so many lies on so many topics on so many different occasions that even if she were playing with a full deck, she would have trouble pulling out the right card.”

Kyle predicts Hillary will be forced to rely increasingly on Bill Clinton.

“They used to say when ‘Billy’ was running and Hillary was by his side, that we were getting ‘two for the price of one,'” she said. “This time around, the bargain is two outdated, technologically incompetent, out-of-touch, power-hungry, money-grubbing globalists who have consistently lied to the American people. They have sold out the American people in their self-serving, addictive grasp for more power and more money.”

Kyle argued Hillary Clinton is on the brink of both physical and medical collapse and referred to the former first lady’s reliance on powerful medicine to fight blood clots and the evidence she is suffering from “post-concussion syndrome.”

She also did not rule out a surprise withdrawal of Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

“I truly believe that the issue of Hillary’s increasing cognitive impairment, if driven home and widely publicized, would be sufficient to cause many of the Democratic superdelegates to back away from her,” she said. “It would not be a political decision for them then, but more a matter of medical practicality. At some point, many people have to decide to take responsibilities away from a parent who is no longer able to handle important life matters.”

Regardless, Kyle said the American people cannot allow someone who she believes may be mentally incapable of handling responsibility to become commander in chief.

“Hillary has already proven that she is incapable of playing with matches after the disasters she set in motion in Libya and throughout the Middle East,” Kyle said. “She is too cognitively impaired to recognize and appreciate the potential consequences of her actions. We cannot let the cognitively impaired Hillary Clinton escalate from playing with matches as secretary of state to controlling the nuclear arsenal of the United States of America as commander in chief. Clinton’s Muslim aide Huma Abedin, with her Muslim Brotherhood family, would become the shadowy figure in control.

“Anyone who cannot see the danger there is probably on the way to cognitive impairment as well.”

The NATIONWIDE SENSATION which is rocking the 2016 election. “Hillary: The Other Woman,” the explosive new book exposing the horrible history of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Available now at the WND Superstore.


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