Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, once perceived as a fringe candidate, won a nationwide following because of his willingness to condemn the corporate ties and pro-war policies of Hillary Clinton. But though millions of enthusiastic activists said they were ready to #FeelTheBern, Sanders eventually lost the Democratic primary and disappointed many of his idealistic followers by endorsing Hillary Clinton earlier this week.

Dolly Kyle, the childhood friend and former lover of “Billy” Clinton, is more familiar than almost anyone with the character and history of Hillary Rodham Clinton. And the author of “Hillary The Other Woman” suggested Bernie Sanders has sacrificed nothing less than his integrity.

“I was not concerned about hypocrisy with Bernie Sanders,” Kyle told WND. “In fact, I have publicly stated on many occasions that I considered Bernie to be a man of principle, even though I didn’t agree with many of his political positions. I did not consider Bernie to be a hypocrite. I did not think he was a liar. I did not think he was sold out to the Washington/Beltway establishment that has become a stench to thinking Americans of all, or no, political persuasions. I did not think that Bernie would turn into a sniveling Clinton sycophant, a la Sidney Blumenthal.

“Seeing Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, I have to confess that I was wrong about Bernie Sanders.”

Kyle is not the only one who thinks so. Bernie Sanders supporters, using the hashtag #SelloutSanders, blasted the candidate on social networking following Sanders’s endorsement.

Gary Leupp, writing at the left wing publication CounterPunch, called for Sanders to be covered with “shame.” “And shame on any once ‘Bernie’ supporter who follows him into his moral morass,” he added.

Sanders’ supporters also condemned the self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” for endorsing a woman he once claimed was “unqualified.” Some Sanders supporters even said they were so opposed to Hillary they were willing to vote for Donald Trump.

Trump himself also piled on.

“Bernie has sold out the principles that so many of us thought he had. He has sold out the support of his enthusiastic (and mostly young) supporters. He has sold out his party to the entrenched criminal enterprises of the Clintons and their cronies. Okay, so Bernie was more of a socialist than a democrat, but even a socialist should have principles. This is a sad moment in America and I wonder how long it will take for people to realize what has happened here.”

Kyle sees the collapse of Sanders as yet another indication of Hillary Clinton’s ability to corrupt everything around her. As someone who had been involved with her husband for many years, Kyle was reluctant to speak about or have any involvement with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. But she said Hillary’s seemingly flaunting of her hypocrisy and sense of entitlement forced her into action.

“I started writing “Hillary The Other Woman” because I was appalled at the hypocritical lying of Hillary Clinton as she looked into a television camera, faked a concerned demeanor and said that women who claim to have been raped and sexually assaulted should be believed; they should be supported,” Kyle recalled. “I wanted to throw a shoe at the television screen. Instead, the next day, I started writing what I knew about the other side of the woman who was running for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States.”

The NATIONWIDE SENSATION which is rocking the 2016 election. “Hillary: The Other Woman,” the explosive new book exposing the horrible history of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Available now at the WND Superstore.

Kyle said Americans, especially former Bernie Sanders supporters and women, desperately need to know the truth about the real Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton is not now and has never been the woman she tries to portray to the world; thus we show the back of her head and not her face on the cover of my book,” she said. “While talking about supporting and fighting for women, Hillary has enabled her erstwhile husband Billy Clinton’s philandering and sexual assaults on women for over 40 years. She acted as a criminal accessory-after-the-fact when Billy raped Juanita Broaddrick in 1978. Subsequently, Hillary attacked every woman whose name is known to Americans; she has also more successfully attacked those women who are still terrified to become known.”

Kyle also charged Clinton’s reputation as a progressive and a friend of racial minorities is a complete lie.

“Bernie’s endorsement allows the KKK (Klinton Krime Kartel) to ride roughshod over the low-income blacks, browns, and whites who have supported the Clintons in their fostering of a plantation mentality,” she said. “The Clintons pander to every audience, while not truly caring about any of them. Watch Hillary change her speaking voice, her accent, her political points, etc., as she travels around the country (first class and on our tax dollars naturally) to spread her lies.

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“And now Bernie endorses this. Yes, it’s a sad time.”

According to Kyle, progressives who supported Bernie Sanders are now being told to put their time, money and energy behind someone who “stole the nomination.”

“Doesn’t it make Bernie Sanders angry that Hillary stole the nomination from him?” Kyle asked. “The Clintons did to Bernie in 2016 what Obama did to the Clintons in 2008. In a nutshell, she ‘out-Alinsky’d’ him.”

However, more importantly, Kyle claimed the only way Bernie Sanders supporters can rally behind Hillary Clinton is if they are willing to abandon almost every one of their principles.

“Look at what this leads to for Sanders supporters,” she exclaimed. “Look what they have to believe.”

She rattled off a series of examples.

  • Bernie was adamantly anti-war; not now.
  • Bernie was adamantly against the Trans-Pacific Partnership; not now.
  • Bernie was against open borders because they hurt America’s un-and-under-employed; not now.
  • Bernie was fighting against the undue influence of money in political parties and elections; not now.
  • Bernie was the voice supporting lower-income Americans; not now.
  • Bernie was fiercely opposed to the overbearing and secret influence of Wall Street; not now.
  • Bernie was concerned about illegal campaign contributions from foreign governments; not now.
  • Bernie was concerned about Hillary’s flagrant, illegal use of a private email server; not now.”

“What about all these principles that Bernie Sanders abandoned to become a Clinton sycophant?” Kyle asked rhetorically. “Well, to quote Bernie’s new political idol: what difference does it make?”

Kyle mourned what she called yet another triumph for the Clinton culture of corruption.

“Bernie Sanders had my respect; not now,” she concluded.

The NATIONWIDE SENSATION which is rocking the 2016 election. “Hillary: The Other Woman,” the explosive new book exposing the horrible history of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Available now at the WND Superstore.


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