Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

It’s a power embedded deep within the United States. It funds extremist organizations in communities around the world. It has deep ties to former presidents from both American political parties as well as to Hillary Clinton. And it most Americans don’t even know it exists.

It’s the Saudi lobby. And New York Times bestselling author, biblical teacher and filmmaker Joel Richardson exposes it in a new episode of “The Underground.”

“It’s an issue which is very rarely discussed but truly impacts politics in the United States, it’s truly impacting Washington, and more than Washington, it’s impacting so many things that take place in the United States and globally,” said Richardson. “It’s discussed by very few. And yet this is one of the most significant, truly defining factors within the American political system. Far more, way more than most people realize.”

Richardson argues Saudi Arabia functions not only as the “geographic womb” of Islam, home to Mecca and Medina, but is also the ideological incubator of Wahhabi Islam.

“Wahhabism and the House of Saud, they have essentially been one in the same,” said Richardson. “Wahhabism, sometimes it is called Salafism, it’s the most radical, purest form of Sunni Islam that we might imagine.”

Richardson explained this ideology, created by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab in the 18th century, has always been united to the House of Saud. This form of Islamic fundamentalism, said Richardson, was a way for Muslims to come to terms with their relative loss of military power and cultural prestige compared to the West. At the same time, it allowed Muslims not to have to question the premise of Islamic superiority.

“Like so many Islamic thinkers that were emerging at this time, [al-Wahhab] was saying the reason the Islamic world is such a mess, the reason it was not thriving even as Europe was prospering and the industrial revolution was taking place, was because they were not devout enough,” said Richardson. “Muslims are taught, the Quran teaches, that they are the best of people. The Quran teaches they are the best of people, that they are destined to rule the world. They are taught Islam is the best religion and that they have the best prophet and they have the best holy book. So they look and say, ‘Why are we not prospering the way we should?’ And the Islamist leaders pretty much always say it’s because we are not being devout enough when it comes to Islam.”

Richardson charges Saudi Arabia is funding and supporting the spread of this dangerous ideology in “every way imaginable.”

“If there is a mosque, if there is an Islamic center, if there is an Islamic school in your neighborhood, if you live in the United States or really in most countries around the world, there’s a very solid chance, a high percentage, it was built and paid for by the Saudi Arabian government,” Richardson claimed. “Besides building the mosques what else do they do? They train and then they send out the missionary hate preachers, the imams, and then they fill pulpits of these mosques, not all of them, but a large percentage. They fill the mosques will the Saudi Arabian sanctioned hate literature. The various literature which, even here in the United States, calls on Muslims to engage in jihad against the U.S. Constitution, against Israel, against the West. Back in 2005, the organization Freedom House did a comprehensive survey of literature found in mosques in the United States and they found numerous examples of calls to jihad and excessive intolerance and jihad. And they all had the Saudi Arabian government seal of approval in the books. This is not conspiracy theory.”

Richardson compared what Saudi Arabia is to a hypothetical Christian evangelical effort.

“If you were to use Christian language, they’re building churches, they’re sending missionaries, they’re sending literature, and they’re raising up an entire global generation of Salafists, of Wahhabis, of some of the most extremist types of Muslims that are out there,” said Richardson.

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These kinds of efforts underlie many of the terrorist groups which currently exist, Richardson said. Were it not for Saudi Arabian ideological and financial support, he said, they would not exist. Richardson estimated roughly $120 billion have been spent to spread this ideology over the last 40 years by the Saudi government. The evangelist and filmmaker noted this amount of funding dwarfs the total amount of what Christian missionary organizations are spending.

Richardson’s allegations come at a time when the release of 28 pages of a once classified chapter in a congressional report on the September 11 terrorist attacks is scheduled for “imminent” release.

The information could show what many national security experts have long alleged, that the Saudi Arabian government provided material support to the hijackers in the attacks.

Richardson also told a remarkable story that his appearance on Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News may have been responsible for Beck being removed from Fox News. Outside the Murdoch family, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal once owned the largest share of News Corp (the parent company of Fox News) stock. Richardson relayed reports from acquaintances of Beck who claimed it was criticism of Islam which ultimately was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” when it came to removing Beck from the network.

Richardson relayed reports from policymakers and intelligence sources who say Saudi money has allowed the kingdom to “infiltrate” every level of the American policymaking process. This includes, Richardson alleges, former presidents such as Jimmy Carter.

A foundation started by Carter has received many millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia as well as other Arab nations. This included huge sums from the Saudi Bin Laden group. The Bush family was also closely tied to the ruling family Saudi Arabia both financially and politically.

There have also been massive donations to the Clinton Foundation. According to recent reports, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have given at least $16 million and possibly as much as $40 million to the Clinton Foundation.

“For that amount of money, you get what you want,” said Richardson. “This is one of the looming issues when it comes to this election. We need to have discernment. We need to be aware of what’s unfolding in the Earth.”

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