Some may say Jonathan Cahn is a prophet of doom.

After all, the messianic rabbi who caught the attention of the nation with his bestselling book, “The Harbinger,” which remained on the New York Times bestsellers list for many months, made his reputation warning the country about God’s judgment.

But in a recent appearance on “Joni Table Talk” on Daystar TV, Cahn brought a powerful message of hope.

He recounted how so many people are asking him what they can do to prepare or defend themselves during what some believe are the end times.

Cahn said the answer is simple.

“If you’re not in God, you can be afraid and get saved,” he said. “If you’re in God, don’t be afraid. Remember in Hebrew the word for safety is Yeshua. Yeshua is Jesus. So the key thing is make sure your life is in Him and make sure you’re in the will of God. If you are, the safest place in the world is Him. That’s it.”

Cahn argued the discussion over what will ultimately happen to the United States or the world should not distract from the urgent need of individuals to be saved by belief in Jesus Christ.

“You can be living in great times and walk outside and be hit by a truck,” he said. “It’s not the times; it’s being right in the will of God.”

Finding God and finding His purpose for each individual’s life is the message of the powerful documentary film about Cahn, “The Harbinger Man.”

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“It’s really to encourage people to find your calling and how to find your calling,” Cahn said. “You know, everybody has a great calling, if you can find it.”

However, despite this message of optimism and confidence, Cahn also had a warning – the harbingers are still coming. And Cahn sees the United States of America in a dangerous period before “the warning” and “the judgment,” as the nation continues to rebel against God.

“Much has happened since I wrote the book, things that have even shocked me,” he said. “The pattern is you have the warning and then you have a time period, you could call it a grace period, where the nation that has been warned by God either turns back to God or continues to defy God and it heads to greater shakings coming. Well, we’re watching that and that’s where we are.

“America has not turned back to God. Not only that – if you look at where we were on 9/11 and where we are now, it’s amazing how far we’ve come away from God. We’ve passed laws against God. And we’re watching that happen progressively. So what that’s saying is we’re watching that progression toward judgment.”

Cahn said this is not some abstract process, but one which affects the lives of every single person in America because it involves the deconstruction and redefinition of moral standards. Cahn argues in modern America, it is becoming harder and harder to live as a good person by traditional Christian standards.

And Cahn warns individuals cannot somehow remain isolated from this moral collapse.

“There is this apostasy we’re seeing in America, what we’re seeing in laws and how we’re calling evil good and good evil,” he explained. “By the way, they go together. When you call evil good, you’re going to end up calling what is good evil. So at the same moment when they are saying this is now good, they are saying believers are evil. ‘Believers are a problem; the Bible is evil.’ We’re watching new developments like this every day. It’s massive.”

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Cahn contended much of this has been foretold in prophecy. He said Christians should realize they are living in the very times they have been told to prepare for over the last few decades.

“Many of us when we came to the Lord were told about end times prophecy,” he observed grimly. “We were told that there would be persecution. We can see it now. Just in the last year, we’ve heard more things about persecution, about the threat of going to jail or the threat of losing everything than we’ve ever had in our history.”

Cahn warned the United States has “crossed the line” with the imposition of homosexual “marriage” nationwide.

“This is a major, major thing we have done,” he said. “All these things have continued to happen.”

Cahn also referenced how public spaces in the United States have also begun honoring pagan gods, notably when the Hindu goddess Kali was prominently displayed on the Empire State Building in 2015.

Cahn maintained the nation’s turn toward apostasy, immorality and even paganism was inevitable when America was redefined as no longer a Judeo-Christian nation.

“The template of the Harbinger is not just that Israel, which once knew God, turned away from God,” he explained. “You never just turn away from God. When you turn away from God, you turn to something else. There’s always something that comes in. When they ruled out the Ten Commandments, struck it down, it didn’t end there. Why did they rule it out? Once you get rid of what ‘thou shall not’ do, now you’ve got adultery, now you’ve got blasphemy, now you’ve got all of that coming in. So when Israel turned away from God, the gods came in.”

Cahn also explained how in the historical harbinger that came to ancient Israel, the Jewish people were offered the choice between obeying God or turning to the worship of Baal, a pagan deity whose name means “master.”

“When you turn away from God, you’re going to end up being mastered by something else,” Cahn said.

And Cahn remarked on the ominous parallels between the apostasy of ancient Israel and modern America. As he explained, the cult of Baal was marked by human sacrifice, including child sacrifices. The valley where these sacrifices were offered, the Valley of Hinnom, eventually became known as Gehenna, which the Bible equates symbolically to hell itself. Cahn compared the child sacrifice under the cult of Baal to the massive slaughter of the innocents taking place in America through the practice of abortion.

In the face of such evil, Cahn said, it is important to find God’s purpose for your life. He said he hoped “The Harbinger Man” could help those who watch it identify that purpose. And he suggested God is working in everyone’s life, even if an individual doesn’t recognize it at the time.

“You don’t always see what God is doing in the moment,” he marveled. “But you look back on your life and see how far you’ve come and it’s a miracle.”

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