GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump

Foster Friess, a billionaire who donates generously to the Republican Party, said in a letter to supporters that Donald Trump deserves the backing of the evangelical community because God, throughout biblical history, has always tapped the imperfect to work his perfect will.

“[A]ll throughout history,” he wrote, “God has harnessed imperfect people to fulfill his perfect will. King David sent Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, off to the front lines in hopes he would be killed so David could play cozy with the guy’s wife.”

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He went on, saying he thought even the most “principled evangelical Christian woman” ought to support Trump, even if she had concerns about his morals and past indiscretions, the Washington Examiner reported. And, he reminded, “You and I are changing and so is Donald Trump,” the newspaper reported.

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“I do believe Donald Trump truly loves America and all it stands for,” Freiss said in his letter. “His courage of expressing what he believes is best for us caused Universal Studios, Univision and Macy’s to sever business ties with him. … The price he is paying and the attacks from Establishment Republicans seems to only add to his growing stature as a ‘folk hero.'”

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