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An alternate delegate for Hillary Clinton, who is expected to be nominated by the Democrats to be president in this year’s election, says words like “common sense” gun-law restrictions are simply code for gun bans.

“You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!'” Mary Bayer said, “You say s— like that, and then people will buy into it.”

Her comments come in a new video from Project Veritas and its chief, James O’Keefe.

It was released exclusively Monday through Infowars.

See it:

Bayer tells an undercover Project Veritas journalist she was scheduled to be a delegate, but moved, and now is an alternate running for election to be a delegate in the next election.

The undercover reporter asks: “You still favor banning guns, right?”

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“Oh absolutely,” she responses. “I’m totally against them, and my husband is against guns. My husband is now a registered Democrat.”

The Project Veritas volunteer asks, “How can we ban guns” What do we have to do?”

“I don’t know,” Bayer says. “It’s hard because the country is split, you know, and all the money, big money is with the [National Right Association.]”

She said getting Democrats in office will help, so that a Hillary Clinton presidency has enough support “to vote the right way.”

“Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to p— everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate said.

Instead, “moderate” language is needed, she said.

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The video reveals Bayer confirming Hillary Clinton would “for sure” support gun bans.

Google searches, in fact, reveal tens of thousands of times that those advocating gun control describe their hopes as “common sense” gun laws.

Deborah Green writes at the News-Press, “We need to enforce common sense gun laws.”

At MassLive was the headline, “Officials say during Worcester rally that common sense gun laws needed…”

And another was from Iowa, where Ames resident Jess Calhoum said, “We are really pushing for common-sense gun laws that protect our families and our communities, while respecting the Second Amendment.”

The video was part of O’Keefe’s series on a satirical “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” campaign.

That effort recently released another video showing at least one anti-gun member of Congress and numerous staffers working for such representatives don’t want people to know that their own homes are “gun-free,” even though they would like to see that for other Americans.

In at least one case, a staffer whose boss promotes gun control is armed himself.

O’Keefe first raised the issue back in 2012 when he found that journalists with a newspaper that had exposed gun-permit holders in the New York City area were unwilling to take a dose of their own medicine and declare their homes “gun-free zones.”

At that time, Project Veritas investigators posed as members of a gun-control group asking to post anti-gun signs on lawns. The journalists included staffers of the West Nyack, New York-based Journal News, which had published the names and addresses of thousands of pistol permit holders licensed in the Westchester and Rockland counties area north of New York City.

Four times doors were closed in the faces of the Project Veritas investigators, three times the signs were rejected, twice law enforcement was called to remove them from the property and three times they found armed guards already on site.

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In the later video, O’Keefe’s team approached “the homes of America’s top Second Amendment bashers to find out if they would live according to the words they speak. After the Orlando terror attack, Democrats stormed Congress for sit-ins and other protests in favor of gun control, refusing to participate in legislation measures until a gun control bill was passed.”

The request was that they display a sign stating, “This home is proudly gun free!”

The organization said Tuesday: “Project Veritas set its sights on top gun control advocates in Congress to see how they felt when placed in the same position as those who fall victim within gun free zones. The people who died in the Orlando Pulse terror attack died in a building where firearms aren’t allowed. Project Veritas put that same concept to the test with some of America’s most fervent advocates for gun control.”

O’Keefe’s team posed as “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” to seek out the responses.

While Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., believes that “we need to have, of course, our gun safety measures should be passed,” when Project Veritas journalists visited her office to see if she would put a sign in front of her office or home, her communications director said no.

“I’m actually a gun owner,” he said.

When Project Veritas encountered Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., he declined to accept a sign.

“This is my home. I have a guest. I need a little privacy. And I’m 100 percent on board with the issue, so why don’t you go where people need a little pushing?” he told the team.

And when the team approached legislative assistant Erik Sperling in Rep. John Conyers’ office, he said his boss is from Detroit.

“I never even thought about this angle. This is almost … I am a big gun control advocate. This is a new angle that had not thought of and it makes me almost nervous like. … That house, I would like it to say, you know, ‘Armed security, stay back.’ My boss, he is such a legit guy.”

O’Keefe said: “Clearly these Democratic congressmen and women who are fighting for gun control are adamantly opposed to the idea of placing themselves within a gun-free zone and announcing it to the world, primarily for security reasons. The hypocrisy of the anti-gun lobby is a weapon in itself, and a great threat to the American public.”

See that video:

See the 2012 video, when gun-permit holders in the New York City area were exposed:

At the time, O’Keefe said: “It’s amazing to see members of our media equivocate and contradict their spoken and written words when faced with the dilemma to declare their own homes as gun free. Surprisingly, we found that the homes of the very New York paper that was willing to put the lives and fortunes of gun owners at risk by publishing their names and addresses, were also the most heavily armed and protected.”

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