Tens of thousands of illegals have refused to leave America, despite court order.

Tens of thousands of illegals have refused to leave America, despite court order.

More than 925,000 aliens ordered by federal authorities to be deported from the United States are still in-country, including 170,000 convicted criminals, the Center for Immigration Studies found in a new report.

Most are wandering American communities, flying under the radar of law enforcement, the nonprofit said, in a written release.

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Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at CIS and author of the new report, said those figures show that the number of aliens who’ve refused to leave, despite court order, has risen by about 20 percent under President Obama, since 2012.

Some may fall by the wayside of deportation because they’ve skipped their immigration proceedings; some because their country of record refused to accept them; and some others because of sanctuary city policies that have given them shelter. That last, the sanctuary city policy, is what kept California resident Kate Steinle’s alleged murderer in San Francisco, as CIS pointed.

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“These figures are a disturbing indication of profound dysfunction in our immigration system,” said Vaughan, in a written statement. “Hundreds of thousands of the illegal aliens living here have already gone through the deportation process, but they are still here. And tens of thousands of deportable criminal aliens are still at large, causing harm in American communities. Following through on these deportation orders would be an easy way to lighten the fiscal and social burden that immigration imposes, and improve public safety to boot.”

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The CIS report found about 60 percent of the aliens hail from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, and that a “disproportionate” number of aliens with criminal records are Cuban citizens.

“The size of the non-departed population could be reduced if immigration agencies used more efficient forms of due process to shorten the proceedings, if visa sanctions and other tools were used to incentivize cooperation from countries that refuse to accept their citizens back, and if steps were taken to deter local sanctuary policies,” Vaughan said.


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