I don’t know FBI Director James Comey.

All we’ve heard about him since he assumed the position is that he is a solid citizen, a law-enforcement officer of the highest integrity.

But, let me tell you something: Nobody becomes FBI director without being a politician.

It’s not supposed to be a political appointment. It’s one of those professional government jobs that transcends politics.

How so? Well, we’re told the law is what counts to such people – not the political ramifications of who is being investigated.

What we just learned in Comey’s cop-out in the criminal probe of Hillary Clinton is that we have two standards of the law – one for the gilded elite and another for everyone else.

Comey’s decision to lay out the compelling case against Hillary Clinton’s flagrant violation of the Espionage Act, but not to charge her, was an overtly political decision. There is simply no other way to explain it.

He evidently was outraged at Hillary’s gross negligence in matters of national security and personal gain and convenience – outraged enough that he would make clear to the American people that she handled those matters with “extreme carelessness.” But he claimed no prosecutor would move the case forward for indictment. That last statement is disingenuous to say the least. Many former prosecutors have come forward to insist that that is not true. You can be certain there are even FBI prosecutors on the case who would disagree.

What do I mean that Comey’s cop-out was a political decision?

He had two choices: Uphold the legal standard set by Congress, or make a special exception for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential candidate.

He chose the latter.

He probably reasoned that to prosecute Hillary would be the political option.

But his decision not to prosecute was more political than a decision to do the right thing – to treat Hillary Clinton like she was Jo Citizen.

Comey is supposed to be a cop. But he copped out.

He opted for the least courageous choice. He probably didn’t want to become the new Ken Starr, the target of vitriolic attacks by the Clinton machine. But Ken Starr caved in to the pressure, too. He looked the other way on so many issues and paved the way for Bill and Hillary Clinton to continue their career as partners in crime. They have become the Bonnie and Clyde of the political world – but leaving far more death and destruction in their wake.

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From what I have heard about Comey, he dreamed of becoming FBI director.

He probably worked hard at it.

He probably kept his nose clean.

After getting his dream job, he didn’t want to get embroiled in controversy and accused of acting in a political manner.

But there is simply no escaping controversy in investigating high-ranking government officials and politicians who have clearly violated statutes protecting national security secrets.

So what did he do?

He made a political calculation.

He determined that he would lay out the extraordinary case against Hillary, but not prosecute it. He punted. He did a grave disservice to national security. He allowed Hillary Clinton to skate on violations of the law that lesser government officials have not only been indicted for but who have lost security clearances and been incarcerated.

That’s not right.

I have lost all respect for James Comey.

It turns out even the FBI is part of the protection racket for Washington’s political elite.

The game is indeed rigged, as Donald Trump has repeated over and over.

It’s time to clean house in the executive branch, the Congress, the judiciary and every institution of the federal government – including the FBI.

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