A lot has been in the news about “institutionalized racism.” The fact is, I believe there is institutional racism, but it isn’t where the left would like you to believe.

I was discussing the heightened state of racial animosity during the “post-racial” presidency of Obama with a liberal friend, also originally from St. Louis. I asked her whether she would call St. Louis a racist city. She immediately got really animated and started relating a story. Her blind spot shocked me.

She had traveled back to St. Louis and dropped into see some old co-workers, several of whom are black. One black friend requested a ride home to North St. Louis City, a place infamous for crime, drugs and prostitutes. Being a “non-judgmental liberal,” she headed there with confidence.

She was invited into a house to “smoke some weed.” She was the only white person there, and she said she almost immediately felt the hostility. Finally, she explained, one guy came right out and called her a “cracker,” explaining that she had no business being in “their” neighborhood. She was shocked and left.

I asked whether she thought blacks were just naturally racist or if she thought something had to drive that hate. I wanted to expose what I see as truly racist entities in universities and elsewhere, but she didn’t want to talk about where the racism came from. She kept interrupting me, wanting to tell me why a $15 minimum wage is a good idea and how many employers exploit their workers. It was clear that she did not want to hear a truth that might confuse her. Ironically, my liberal friend seemed to want to hold her racist view that blacks just hate white people because it is somehow their nature to blame white people for the past.

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On the other side of the world, lies South Africa, where whites, especially isolated farmers are attacked in their homes, usually brutally tortured and murdered on a regular basis. Often times, there is not even a robbery, merely murder. The post-apartheid president of the country is the leader of the communist African National Congress party. Their party slogan is “Kill the Boer (white Dutch farmers), Spill His Blood.” The president has publicly made that call on multiple occasions. Are these blacks just racist inherently?

There are two ways of looking at the world: realism and idealism. The idealist, sees himself as a free agent, able to pursue his dreams and enjoy the fruits of his labor. The Marxist/Hegelian realist sees the “reality” that he lives in a rigged system where the white capitalists hold control and conspire, sometimes unwittingly, to keep the poor, the ethnic minorities in their place.

As crazy as that sounds to most, that view pervades society. It is preached in churches and taught in public schools. This is exactly what Rev. Jeremiah Wright believes. You hear it in expressions like “the powers that be,” or “the white man is keeping me down.” To most of us, the idea that anyone cares, not to mention has the power to keep us down, is ridiculous. Yet to most blacks attending public schools, learning “social justice,” this is taught as fact. The man is keeping you down.

Where does this view come from? It is the Hegelian dialectic, a foundation of Marxism, communism and now, sadly, a tool of the Democratic Party. The core campaign strategy of Democrats nationwide is to proclaim that Republicans are the party of the rich and they hate minorities, poor people, and (my favorite) women. They proclaim a war on women, a war on minorities, a drug war launched not to clean up urban minority neighborhoods, but to imprison blacks. All of this division, this stirring of strife and hate is done for the most cynical purpose: Power.

This is also the source of the racial hatred. It is the reason the African National Congress hates whites. It is why my friend got thrown out of the black neighborhood just for being white. It is the reason whites get brutally slaughtered in South Africa. It is the reason five officers died in Dallas.

All of us, black, white, etc., know it is wrong to hate or kill innocent people. On the other hand, killing oppressors can be psychologically labeled “justice.”

It is shocking that even our president, the leader of the free world, pushes the false Hegelian narrative.

When a Muslim kills, Obama calls for restraint, peace and understanding. He tells us not to blame all Muslims. When Trayvon Martin is killed, he blames vestiges of racism. When a cop kills, he pulls out “statistics” telling the world that American cops are part of a system in which racism is endemic. He and Hillary, in every speech, cite statistics and studies arguing that women are oppressed, blacks and Hispanics are oppressed and workers are oppressed. The solution, he says, is to give them power to break up the institutionalized power of the crackers.

This lie of conspiring oppressors is false, but also in direct conflict with another deeply held belief of the left – that capitalists are greedy and only “in it for themselves.”

The faceless business owner, executive or middle manager is said to be motivated by profit. Without profit, the business suffers or fails. The leftist uses this truth as an indictment, as evidence of the capitalist’s greed. The problem in leftist logic is that profit demands the hiring of the best workers without regard to race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. It is impossible to be both greedy and to maintain allegiance to the oppression conspiracy and only hire white males. Show me the business that prefers skin color over talent, and I will show you a dying business.

The blame falls squarely on the puppet masters, the race baiters, the leaders who poison minds with the Hegelian lie. We must dismantle the institutions of hate that propagate the lies and fight for Martin Luther King’s dream of a colorblind society. The biggest obstacles of true peace and love are the institutions that perpetuate the lies behind the real hate: women’s studies, black studies, labor studies, etc. These are institutions built on the Hegelian lie. If we are to live, these taxpayer-funded institutions of hate must be exposed and ultimately dismantled. They are where the true institutionalized racism lives and breeds.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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