Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

In an effort to describe how much he doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States, media titan Rush Limbaugh said he would be fine with giving up his radio show if it guaranteed the former secretary of state would lose to Donald Trump.

“If Hillary Clinton losing meant the end of this program, then that’s what I would be for,” Limbaugh declared on his Monday broadcast. “If that’s what it took to save this country – meaning she loses, and that means my radio show goes away – then that’s what I would do.”

“I have no self-interest in this whatsoever,” Limbaugh continued. “I’m not looking forward to Hillary Clinton being in the White House so I can seek greater advertising revenues. I don’t have a problem with that as it is. I don’t need Democrats in office to be successful. My success is not determined by who wins elections and it never has been.”

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He said when it comes to saving America from the current trend of destruction, there’s really no comparison between the two options in November:

“Trump is who we have. Hillary Clinton is who we have and we don’t want. And I don’t think there’s any comparison in the two in what would be the worse for this country. Hillary or Trump, it’s not even close for me.”

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“It’s instant disaster to do anything that gets that woman in the White House!” Limbaugh exclaimed. “I think she and the Democrat Party are the equivalent of a giant wrecking ball that is intentionally being aimed at institution after institution every day. … They’re crumbling things that used to be strong, that people could believe in. It’s gotta stop, politically.”

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Limbaugh admitted he’s “scared to death” whenever he asks himself, “Are we outnumbered already?”

“Obama [has a] 56 percent approval rating with this cr-p going on? That scares the heck out of me. What is happening to us? What has happened to our population?”

Hillary Clinton (White House photo)

Hillary Clinton (White House photo)

Limbaugh says for those who fear Trump as president, “I know Donald Trump, and he’s not a reprobate. …He doesn’t threaten me at all. He doesn’t threaten my belief system. He doesn’t threaten my core principles at all.”

Limbaugh stressed his “principle here is ‘Never Hillary.'”

“As long as I have breath, that is going to be my message,” he said.

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