Migrants pour into Sweden, which has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the E.U. The U.S. has implemented a similar policy since the Immigration Act of 1965.

Migrants pour into Sweden, which has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the E.U. The U.S. has implemented a similar policy since the Immigration Act of 1965.

Police in Sweden are investigating five reported rapes and nearly 40 instances of groping at two music festivals over the weekend in cases likely to further infuriate activists seeking to end the country’s generous immigration policies.

Sweden has taken in more than 162,000 migrants from the Middle East and Africa in the last year, the largest influx of any European nation on a per capita basis. Most have come from Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria. But the open-borders policy and generous welfare benefits given to migrants have been many years in the making, propelling the country from one of the most low-crime nations into the rape capital of Europe.

The latest rash of sexual assaults took place this weekend at Putte I Parken, a free festival in Karlstad, according to the Express, a British newspaper.

“Foreign young men” were blamed by police for the attacks at one of the festivals, and at least two unaccompanied migrant youths were arrested.

Police recorded five reports of rapes and 12 of sexual molestation at Bravalla, Sweden’s biggest music festival, and 35 reports of molestation at Putte I Parken, where the youngest victim was 12 years old.

Two of the seven young men accused of “aggressive groping” at the second festival were unaccompanied refugee minors, reportedly living at a nearby accommodation center, the Express reported.

The reports resemble those made at a Swedish music festival last August.

There have also been four Swedish social workers murdered at the nation’s asylum centers this year, including one reported last month in which a 22-year-old Swedish woman was hacked to death by a knife-wielding young Muslim from Ethiopia.

The fresh reports of sex crimes by young asylum seekers at Swedish music festivals triggered an angry response from activists, politicians and performers.

Pop singer Zara Larsson, known in the U.K. for her hit single with rapper Tinie Tempa, said the perpetrators of the attack at Bravalla, where she performed, “deserved to burn in hell,” the Express reported.

“Damn you people who shamelessly rape a girl in public,” she wrote on Twitter. “Damn you guys who make girls to feel unsafe when they go to the festival. I hate guys. Hate hate hate.”

The country pop singer Pernilla Andersson, who performed at Putte I Parken, called for the authorities to “fight hard” against the perpetrators.

“For an artist to go up on stage thinking that there might be a girl out there being molested or raped during the concert is just totally crazy,” she wrote in the Expressen newspaper Monday.

An anonymous 15-year-old girl told Expressen no fewer than five of her six friends had been sexually molested by “foreign youths” during the Karlstad event.

A man had come up behind her and started grinding against her, she said. A young man had groped one of her friends through her jeans, according to the Express report.

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Alexandra Larsson, 17, told the Daily Mail she had not seen exactly who assaulted her at Putte I Parken, but she said the group of 18- to 19-year-old boys standing behind her were “not from a Swedish background.”

“They were probably immigrants. I hate to say it. But it is the truth,” she said.

Idaho activists warn of similar outcome

Activists in Twin Falls, Idaho, have warned that the beginnings of migrant sexual assaults have been unlocked in their community due to the liberal refugee policy supported by President Obama and the GOP-dominated Congress. A 5-year-old special-needs girl was sexually assaulted at a Twin Falls apartment complex on June 2 by two refugee boys from Iraq and Sudan while a third boy filmed the attack.

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The two older boys, ages 10 and 14, spent a week in juvenile detention before being released pending further hearings. Local activists have charged police and local media with trying to cover up the crime. When bloggers and a conservative website, Infowars, reported on the controversy June 19, the local media accused them of planting a “false report” when most of the pertinent facts turned out to be true, that it was Muslim refugees who were the suspects and that a 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted, possibly raped.

U.S. Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson then inserted herself into the local criminal case by issuing a warning that anyone who spreads false, inflammatory or threatening statements about the Muslim perpetrators risked federal prosecution.

Olson was forced to walk back those statements, as WND reported, after several constitutional scholars criticized them as an illegal restriction of free speech under the First Amendment. There is no federal law against false or “inflammatory” speech.

Swedes starting to change their tune

The Telegraph reports that “suddenly” it’s no longer taboo for Swedes to talk about their Muslim migrant rape problem.

In January the Swedish police and media were accused of covering up a barrage of sexual assaults involving young migrants at We Are Sthlm, a free summer youth festival in Stockholm.

The scandal broke right after the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany, in which police and media were charged with covering up the offenses, trying at first to make it sound like it was primarily German men who were responsible when in the end it was admitted that at least 90 percent of the suspects were from Africa or the Middle East.

But there are also signs that Swedes are getting fed up and seeking change from their political leaders.

“What does surprise me is the way Sweden’s media, politicians and police handled the furor,” writes Richard Orange of the Telegraph. “Instead of shying away from discussing ethnicity, it’s now the big story. A neighbor who works for the local paper says that a few months ago this kind of reporting would have been impossible.

“I had been warned that Sweden’s consensus culture means that public opinion can undergo sudden and dramatic shifts,” he continued. “After the country’s about-turn on asylum in November, when Sweden announced a drastic tightening of its asylum and border regime, reimposing border controls, it looks like that shift is happening.”

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