As the 2016 election season is heating up, so is leftist opposition to state voter ID laws. Such laws are currently facing pushback in Missouri, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Texas and North Dakota.

The most common argument is that voter ID laws would disenfranchise certain groups of people, including racial minorities, the poor and younger voters.

But Daniel Horowitz, a senior editor at Conservative Review, believes this is an example of the left’s tendency to twist the concept of rights in order to grant special privileges to protected classes of individuals at the expense of the rest of the population.

“They’re basically saying that there is a mandate, a right for an individual to vote fraudulently and thereby strip rights away from everyone else,” Horowitz told WND in an interview.

Horowitz details the many ways American voters are being disenfranchised in his new book, “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America.” Although he did not discuss voter ID laws in the book, he said attacks on such laws are part of the leftist effort to disenfranchise Americans who have a legitimate right to vote.

“It ties in to the general sense of them refusing to adopt basic bedrock regulations to illegal immigrants voting, having illegal immigrants come here and getting citizenship for their children,” Horowitz said. “It’s a disenfranchising of the public, diluting what it means to be an American. Diluting the franchise really undercuts the guaranteed liberty that we all have to vote in elections.”

He cited President Theodore Roosevelt’s warning from 1904: “There is no enemy of free government more dangerous and none so insidious as the corruption of the electorate.”

Horowitz noted the irony of liberals’ unwillingness to support voter ID regulations.

“It’s funny, for a group of people who want to regulate every activity of our lives over and beyond the enumerated powers granted to the federal government or even state governments, the one thing that they don’t want to do is something that the government is absolutely required to do, and that’s to protect the franchise,” Horowitz said.

Last week, Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a photo voter ID law that had passed the Missouri Legislature. The legislation would have allowed voters who don’t have the necessary ID to sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury stating they do not possess the type of ID required to vote. But even that provision was too stringent for Nixon.

An incredulous Horowitz pointed out that people are required to show ID for such mundane things as cashing a check, boarding an airplane or Amtrak train, buying liquor and buying certain over-the-counter drugs. Therefore, if someone had trouble producing a valid photo ID, they would run into problems on a regular basis, not just at election time.

“To do things that are of so much less consequence [than voting], you have to show ID,” Horowitz stated. “There’s almost nothing you do nowadays where you don’t have to show ID. The franchise shouldn’t take a backseat to some of the more mundane activities of life that absolutely require the presentation of a photo ID.”

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In Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court gave a federal appeals court until July 20 to rule on whether Texas’ voter ID law violates federal civil rights law by discriminating against minorities.

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, two liberal groups took to the federal courts to challenge more than a dozen election laws passed by the state’s Republican legislature in 2011, including a photo ID requirement. U.S. District Judge James Peterson, an Obama appointee, said the plaintiffs had made a “pretty decent case” that Republicans passed those laws to secure a partisan advantage, but he also said he wasn’t convinced the laws have had a major effect on voter turnout.

In North Carolina, a panel of appellate judges similarly expressed skepticism that the state’s 2013 photo ID law does not discriminate against minorities.

Around the same time, attorneys representing members of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa asked a federal judge to temporarily block the enforcement of North Dakota’s voter ID law, saying it disproportionately burdens and disenfranchises Native Americans.

Horowitz sees through all the fretting about discrimination to what he believes is the real reason the left seeks to strike down voter ID laws.

“They are basically saying openly that they want fraudulent voting and that fraudulent voting benefits Democrats,” Horowitz said. “They’re openly saying that, because there’s no logical reason you wouldn’t want to have a simple bar to fraudulent voting.”

Matthew Vadum, senior vice president at the investigative think tank Capital Research Center, agreed with Horowitz about liberals’ true motive for opposing voter ID.

“It makes it harder for them to cheat,” Vadum told WND. “There’s no rational reason to oppose voter ID requirements.”

Vadum, author of “Subversion, Inc.,” noted even Mexico makes voters get a special ID card to vote. He said he’s not advocating that for the United States, but the requirement in many states that voters show a photo ID to prove they are eligible to vote does not strike him as an unreasonable request.

“Anyone who wouldn’t be willing to prove that isn’t a citizen,” Vadum declared. “They’re trying to commit fraud, either by voting a second or third or fourth or fifth time, or by voting under false pretenses or using someone else’s identity, and so on. Voter ID nips voting fraud in the bud.”

Vadum said there are myriad left-wing pressure groups behind the effort to dismantle voter ID laws, including Project Vote, Demos, People for the American Way, Campaign for America’s Future and all of the ACORN successor groups.

“ACORN itself doesn’t exist anymore, but many of its state organizations have incorporated themselves under new names, like in California, one of the bigger successor groups is Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, or ACCE,” Vadum explained. “So they’re quite active in fighting electoral integrity measures.”

Vadum said left-wing pressure groups don’t trust that they have enough legitimate voters on their side to win elections, but there’s even more to their subversive mindset.

“They don’t believe in democracy, the democratic system,” he claimed. “They think they know better than the people. They think elections are a fraud in a predominantly capitalist society, so they don’t mind using extreme measures to get the result they desire.”

Horowitz does believe in the democratic system, and his solution is to strip the federal courts of jurisdiction over state voter ID laws. He pointed out the Constitution grants state legislatures full authority over the methods and processes for conducting their elections. He said Congress must protect states from activist federal judges who would interfere in a state matter.

“One of the ways of protecting them is by kicking the courts out of jurisdiction over voter ID laws, because that at its root is stolen sovereignty,” Horowitz explained. “That prevents individuals from engaging in self-governance, because they can no longer protect their own ability to have representative government without it being corrupted and having unelected judges use super-constitutional rights to infringe upon their constitutional guarantee for a republican form of government.”

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