(The Guardian) — In the long Kabuki dance that is a presidential election, there are only one or two moments that even come close to a decision worthy of the Oval Office. All the rest is commentary.

For Donald Trump, we are fast approaching one of those moments. In the next two weeks, the property developer will make his most fateful decision since he fired Meat Loaf from Celebrity Apprentice.

Who deserves the peculiar honor of serving the nation just a heartbeat away from an orange-hued president? More importantly, who would accept a job that famously – even under sane and qualified presidents – isn’t worth a bucket of warm piss?

Trump’s vice-presidential pick might reassure some Republicans that there would be some adult supervision of a president who wants to launch a trade war with China, deport 11 million US residents, and close the borders to a billion Muslims.

Then again, any voter who thinks that Trump will listen to wise veep counsel is in desperate need of some adult supervision of their own.

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