To the editorial staff of WND, I offer this viewpoint. The above terms have been used constantly to describe terrorist actions primarily in the U.S., but I do believe that there are some things that are being missed, overlooked and possibly deliberately obscured. Facts are facts, and in your business those should and must come first. It is my belief that, with very few exceptions, the facts about Islamic terrorism are not being used. Please allow me to briefly explain.

The basis of “jihad” and “radical Islam” is Islam itself. By examining the book used for that “faith,” you find two parts, much like the Bible. The Quran and the Bible do share some structural similarities – an Old and New Testament, per se, and old and new instructions to follow, but with some rather important points that at the very least should be considered, if not focused on. One can be Muslim but not follow Islam. Yet one cannot follow Islam and be truthful about being tolerant of others and the beliefs they follow. Islam forbids it. The second part of the Quran states that if a contradiction between the first and second parts is found about how you should act, you are to follow the second part, for it is the most recently written and the most truthful.

The second part says one is not to lie, cheat, steal, kill, etc., your fellow man (unless a crime has been committed). But if they do not follow Islam, the rules change. Ones who do not follow Islam are called infidels – a word many of us are familiar with, yet few really know the meaning behind it – and it is OK to lie, cheat, etc., to infidels as long as it furthers the cause of Islam.

What is the “cause” of Islam? World domination of this “religion,” along with a complete set of rules on how to govern a society, called Shariah law. By description, that makes it more of a cult than a religion. And by its own admission, it urges the conversion to Islam by infidels and demands the death of the ones who will not convert, primarily by beheading.

What I fail to understand is why these facts are not made known to the public by media sources, and why the media refer to Islam as “a religion of peace” when it most clearly is not. How can an infidel believe anything a follower of Islam says as the truth?

David Moore

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