After nearly eight years in power, there is no longer any question that Barack Obama favors authoritarian Islamist regimes.

The world was stunned Friday night when an apparent military coup was launched against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who presides over a radical Islamic police state being incrementally pushed into position as the Sunni Caliphate.

Before anyone knew the reasons or justification for the coup, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were already proclaiming their support for Erdogan because he was “the democratically elected leader of Turkey.”

Of course, to Erdogan, democracy has always been, as he famously said, “a bus ride. Once I get to my destination, I get off.”

Democracy for Erdogan is a means to an end. And, after 15 years in power, it’s clear what his preferred destination is – at the center of a totalitarian Islamist Caliphate.

Everyone knows this – even Obama. It’s not a secret. Erdogan boasts about it.

Everyone also knew that if Erdogan survived the coup and remained in power that his worst authoritarian instincts would be unleashed. And that is exactly what has happened since he got the backing of Obama and Kerry.

How bad is Erdogan? He’s the closest thing to a living Hitler in Europe – that’s for sure.

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If you want to get the complete picture, I can heartily recommend a documentary “End Times Eyewitness,” featuring New York Times bestselling author Joel Richardson. It was partially filmed on location in Turkey during another period of unrest, providing insight into Erdogan’s character and his ambitions.

So, it’s clear “democracy” was not the reason Obama and Kerry supported Erdogan before anyone knew anything about the coup – whether it was real, who was behind it, what the outcome might be.

What was Obama’s motivation for coming out early and often for the Islamist authoritarian in Turkey?

Well, there’s a historical track record developing after Obama’s time in the White House.

In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak was also democratically elected. He, too, was an authoritarian. But he was not an Islamist. In fact, he had assumed power in Egypt following the assassination of Anwar al-Sadat by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. In his last election, he won more than 80 percent of the vote – far more than Erdogan.

But that didn’t stop Obama from working for his overthrow – by the Muslim Brotherhood radicals. It was not a popular revolution. Obama’s guy was so repressive in his radical Islamic ideology that one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the world – more than 1 million people – set off a chain of events that prompted the Egyptian military to overthrow him.

In Syria, President Bashar al-Assad, won election in 2014. Assad is not an Islamist. He’s a non-Sunni. He’s an Alawite, a religious minority within Islam. He is supported by members of other religious minorities in Syria, including Christians.

But both before and after the election, Obama campaigned for U.S. military intervention in the country to topple him. Once again, Obama did not support the democratically elected leader, choosing instead the Islamists lined up against him.

I could continue with this history. Obama even diverted U.S taxpayer funds and operatives to campaign against the democratically elected leader of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu.

So his choice of supporting democratic leaders is hardly a standard.

It’s really a matter of who is running. And he seems to favor radical, authoritarian Sunni Islamists, while opposing religious minorities in the Middle East. Make of it what you like.

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