Obama’s final-year foreign-policy priority: ‘Gay’ rights

By Paul Bremmer


In a world beset by Islamic terrorism, persecution of Christians, a destabilized Middle East, a flood of refugees and a crumbling European Union, the Obama administration, nevertheless, has time to make LGBT rights a foreign-policy priority.

The White House office of the press secretary released a fact sheet this week detailing Obama’s efforts in “Promoting and Protecting the Human Rights of LGBT Persons.”

“Throughout the Obama administration, the promotion and protection of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons has been a specific focus of our engagement around the world,” the press release began. “U.S. diplomacy, foreign assistance and other activities abroad have all sought to advance this goal, ensuring that efforts to promote and protect LGBT human rights are fully integrated into our broader attempts to advance freedom and dignity for all people.”

Paul Kengor, a college professor and author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” found it significant that the White House would release the fact sheet in the final months of Obama’s presidency, a time presidential historians view as a president’s “legacy” period.

“This is the time when Obama and his staff of legacy-shapers, nature redefiners and fundamental transformers are looking to hammer out his legacy for the ages,” Kengor told WND. “And the legacy they seem to most cherish is his legacy of fundamental transformation on the cultural-sexual-gender front.”

The professor also jokingly chided the administration for its choice of terminology.

“Shame on the Obama White House for not using the left’s new and more inclusive description: ‘LGBTQIA,'” Kengor said. “Does the Obama White House not like ‘queer’ and ‘intersex’ and ‘asexual’ persons?”

The press release also touted numerous changes to department and agency staffing and practices. For example, several U.S. departments and agencies, including State and Homeland Security, are “providing new training for staff and implementing partners to better understand the issues of gender identity and sexual orientation and agency roles in advancing the human rights of LGBT persons.”

It highlighted Secretary of State John Kerry’s 2015 appointment of the first-ever special envoy for the human rights of LGBT persons and USAID’s 2014 appointment of a senior LGBT coordinator. It bragged that seven openly “gay” U.S. ambassadors are serving at embassies around the world.

The press release also boasted of LGBT advocacy in the international arena, including efforts to advance LGBT interests through the U.N., World Health Organization and development banks. In practice, those organizations force nations or regions to adopt a pro-“gay” agenda in order to benefit from an international program.

The release bragged about the Obama administration’s support of LGBT activists and organizations around the world. For example, it said the State Department’s Global Equality Fund has allocated more than $30 million to LGBT organizations and activists in 80 countries around the world. The White House said the State Department in 2014 sponsored counter-hate crimes training for law enforcement officials in seven Latin American countries.

The release even noted the U.S. government has pushed back against what it considers anti-LGBT legislation in foreign countries, including Uganda and Gambia.

Michael Brown, a national radio host, WND columnist and author of “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” reacted with outrage to the Obama administration’s imperial LGBT agenda.

“America is now bullying other nations into accepting our version of morality,” Brown said. “This makes me ashamed to be an American. How dare we tell other countries how to define the family! How dare we put pressure on other countries to embrace gay activism in their children’s schools. How dare we threaten sovereign nations with serious consequences if they don’t embrace same-sex relationships and transgender activism.

“It’s bad enough the Obama administration is bullying other Americans; it’s even worse when this administration tries to bully other nations.”

Kengor noted the press release included a few highlights of Hillary Clinton’s LGBT advocacy as secretary of state, such as a speech she gave in Geneva in 2011.

“Clearly, President Obama is hoping to pass the rainbow baton to a President Clinton so she can continue the battle for cultural transformation,” Kengor concluded. “FORWARD!”

David Kupelian, WND managing editor and author of “The Snapping of the American Mind,” acknowledged the mystery surrounding the actions of the 44th president.

“For eight years everyone’s tried to figure out Obama: Why did he pull our troops out of Iraq, creating ISIS, and why does he release top terrorists from Guantanamo during wartime?” Kupelian asked. “Why, with our economy in shambles and terrorism in the homeland an increasingly gruesome reality, does Obama ignore reality and obsess over phantom menaces like global warming and transgender discrimination?

“And now – with the world on fire, fueled largely by his disastrous presidency – why is he making global gay rights his final-year foreign policy priority?”

Some chalk it up to Obama’s extreme left-wing ideology while others say he’s sympathetic to radical Islam. Some psychiatrists, according to Kupelian, even suggest the president suffers from a mental illness such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

“But, while these and other explanations are by no means mutually exclusive, they miss the point,” Kupelian said. “Obama, whose values were shaped during his formative years by communists, Muslims, anti-American racists and criminals, has a spiritual problem: He is secretly attracted to everything wrong, and repelled by genuine goodness.”

Here’s how Kupelian explains the phenomenon in “The Snapping of the American Mind”:

Unfortunately, once we’ve had our innocence and integrity ripped off and have mysteriously oozed into a darker, more conflicted version of our former self, now when somebody comes along who simply radiates the wholesome qualities we left behind, we feel uncomfortable in his or her presence. In fact, we feel positively threatened, as though there’s something malevolent about that person. At the same time, we are attracted to, and feel comfortable around, people who (like us) have been seduced to the “dark side.”

Barack Obama is no exception. He has a serious case of this syndrome, sympathizing and identifying with subversive characters while being mysteriously repelled by genuine virtue. Seen at public events with leftists radicals, LGBT groups, or pro-abortion outfits like Planned Parenthood, Obama’s smile is broad and animated; he obviously feels comfortable and at home there. Yet he displays a palpable aversion to all that is emblematic of the success of Western Judeo-Christian civilization.

Kengor said he finds it funny that Obama prefers to wrap himself in the rainbow flag in his final year in office. By contrast, the professor noted, Bill Clinton tried to frame himself in 2000 as the president who balanced the budget and presided over economic growth, and Ronald Reagan in 1988 sought to frame himself as the man who defeated communism and grew the economy. It tells the professor a lot about Obama’s priorities.

“Historians should look back at the defining symbol of the Obama years as that White House illuminated in rainbow colors the day of the Obergefell decision redefining marriage in America,” Kengor said. “That is the picture that best represents Barack Obama and his legacy, and it’s the picture that Obama and his legacy-shapers want.”


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