My friend, Laura, has a daughter who had some deadly unknown virus last week. She was running dangerously high fevers, and thanks to the influx of illegals and refugees, she was immediately taken by the infectious disease team to try to determine the cause.

Laura ran home to change clothes, and grab some favorite items for her daughter to try to add comfort during a terrifying time. But Laura couldn’t get to her daughter. Black Lives Matters protesters had blocked the highway and she was stuck, on a highway, scared and alone, with no way to get to her daughter – who needed her.

In a frantic rage, she found herself going through options in her mind about how she could simply get through, and get back to her daughter. In her imagination, with her car as a potential weapon, she considered the worst for a moment.

She found herself smack dab in the midst of real-life consequences to peoples’ political drama, and political correctness.

How long before someone like my friend takes matters into her own hands and mows down some protesters?

I am honored to be a delegate at this historic Republican National Convention. Never before have I felt so focused, so head down, so determined to try to do my part to set this country back on the right track.

We knew this would be like no convention ever before.

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The pundits told us repeatedly that Donald Trump would never be a serious candidate. Then they told us Trump would never reach the required 1,237 delegates. Some even went on to predict that the delegates would vote to be unbound from the voters’ choice at the convention.

Now the pundits are predicting violence. I hope they are wrong this time, too.

New threats on the venue, Donald Trump and the delegates roll in constantly, and we are all on high alert here in Cleveland.

The New Black Panthers are coming armed, and they have promised violence.

Never in our nation’s history have we seen so much force arrayed to block a presidential nominee. Never have we seen such fear in police departments. Never before have we seen police stand down while attackers attacked.

Jay Nixon, governor of Missouri, let Ferguson burn.

There are almost never arrests, convictions or jail time.

This has created a powder keg, where peaceful, law-abiding citizens have no choice but to take up arms themselves.

The No. 1 duty of government is to protect life and property. But the system under Obama and Hillary has failed on every level. Whistleblowers tell us that the administration “throws away” intelligence we have gathered. They will assign 40 FBI agents in a failed attempt to prosecute an officer who shot Michael Brown in self-defense. Maybe our agents should be better deployed gathering intelligence on these organized efforts to “kill cops and white people.”

When the Black Lives Matter people descend on a small, suburban town like Ferguson, governors should not have the National Guard stand down, even as the attackers don face masks and arm themselves with Molotov cocktails.

In Sacramento, an estimated 30 white, male demonstrators attempted to lawfully and peaceably assemble on the steps of the California capitol. They were standing for white worker rights against quotas, and whether some other group liked it or not, it was their right to be there. An estimated 400 or more anarchists descended on them with masked faces, carrying various weapons. They were determined to shut down the 30 permitted people assembled there. The police stood by and watched as the anarchists attacked the permit holders. The permitted protesters knew they would need to defend themselves. Five of the assailants ended up hospitalized with knife wounds.

The message to all sides is clear: In America, you now must arm yourself if you want to express your First Amendment right to free speech.

This isn’t about race; this is about law. Therefore, law enforcement needs to make arrests of any “protester” wearing a face mask in protest and threatening violence in any way. Urban (almost always Democrat) prosecutors need to file serious charges instead of sweeping these cases under the rug. Judges need to convict, rather than colluding with the ACLU lawyers and pleading these cases away.

Otherwise, honest, law-abiding people will reach the conclusion that no one is going to fight for them; they will be forced to fight for themselves. I fear we are approaching that tipping point.

The rank-and-file, front-line law enforcement need to blow the whistle on failed leadership that tolerates violence to shut down speech. That will save blue lives and black lives who have become targets at the behest of George Soros, and other lives as well.

They should do this knowing that the 99 percent stand with them and against these violent, Soros-funded anarchists.

This week, the leader of the New Black Panthers stated that there “will be violence” at the Republican National Convention. Why hasn’t he been arrested?

My friend, Laura, did eventually make it back to the hospital to be at her daughter’s side. They have still not identified the rare virus brought to her daughter via illegals or refugees. She may never know. But what she does know is that this all just got very, very real. And the next time, she assures me, she’ll take matters into her own hands. She is not alone.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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