Much has been said and written about the damage Hillary Clinton might do to America were she to be elected president in November.

The predictions have become familiar: She will be unwilling to even define the Islamic terror threat, let alone defeat ISIS. She will continue and dramatically expand Barack Obama’s policy of flooding the U.S. with Middle Eastern Muslim refugees. She will kill private sector jobs and grow the size of government. She will continue to lie to the American public at every turn.

These are all serious concerns, says award-winning journalist David Kupelian, but he raises another and largely unspoken way Hillary Clinton would harm the country as president.

“I’m talking about the effect that her presidency would have on the American public, the spiritual, psychological effect it would have on the mind,” Kupelian told host Perry Atkinson this week on theDove TV’s “Focus Today.” “You know, the snapping of the American mind.”

“The Snapping of the American Mind” happens to be the title of Kupelian’s most recent book. He told Atkinson evidence of this “snapping” is everywhere around us – frequent terror attacks and mass murders, suicide rates at a 30-year high, millions of Americans addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and pornography. The problems may be bad now, but Kupelian believes they would grow far worse under a second Clinton presidency.

“Having somebody as corrupt and fundamentally dishonest and unreal as Hillary Clinton as president of the United States will drive America stark, raving mad,” he declared.

In fact, Kupelian, who is WND’s vice president and managing editor, wrote a viral column recently comparing Hillary Clinton to Nurse Ratched, the villain from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” On “Focus Today,” he told Atkinson that Clinton might very well increase the suicide rate in America, just as Nurse Ratched drove the stuttering Billy Bibbit to suicide.

“There is a direct correlation between the rate of unemployment and the rate of suicide,” Kupelian explained. “Every 1 percent unemployment goes up, the suicide rate goes up 1 percent… [Hillary] does not know how to create jobs other than government jobs. She has no clue how the real world or the economy works. The economy will not get better under Hillary Clinton.”

Kupelian also pointed out that Clinton has one negative trait not even Obama possesses, and it has to do with how she lies.

“Obama lies because he’s an ideologue and he wants to pass Obamacare,” Kupelian explained, using the Affordable Care Act as an example, citing Obama’s frequent “You can keep your doctor” fib. “He lied because if he were straight about his agenda, it’s too far to the left and America wouldn’t accept it, so he lies for that. Hillary’s a little different. She lies because she’s in love with lying.”

Kupelian called Hillary a pathological liar, citing her “unnecessary” fibs about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, being turned down from joining the Marines, and having to “duck and run under sniper fire” in Bosnia.

“A normal person would not tell a lie like this, Perry, because there are news organizations there,” Kupelian reasoned. “She’s a celebrity; it’s on camera.”

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Hillary’s pathological lies even distinguish her from her husband, according to Kupelian, because Bill Clinton lied (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”) primarily to slither out of trouble and protect his own reputation. Hillary, on the other hand, lies “when she doesn’t have to.”

Of course, there are also times when Hillary has to lie to escape trouble, such as her stunning serial lies regarding her use of a private email server, as exposed by the FBI’s director recently.

“This is who she is,” Kupelian charged. “She is basically a chameleon who is clawing her way to the top, and she will change her beliefs to match what she thinks will get her elected, so she’s a little different from Obama in that respect.”

Kupelian alleged it would not be healthy for the country to have Hillary as its president because the American president has always served, in many ways, as the father of the country during his time in office. Just as children tend to adopt many of their parents’ traits, so do Americans tend to adopt some of their president’s characteristics. For example, Kupelian cited the well-documented observation that Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades encouraged an entire generation of American middle-school students in the late 1990s to view sexual “hooking-up” as acceptable.

Likewise, when Ronald Reagan was president, more Americans became pro-life because Reagan was pro-life, even though he didn’t talk about abortion much. And Obama, who has made the exploitation of racial grievances a major part of his presidency, has fanned the flames of racial resentment in America.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the “mother of the country,” the results will not be pretty, Kupelian predicted. Decent people will be repulsed by the Clintons, but more impressionable Americans will see Bill and Hillary sitting in the White House despite all their previous crimes and lies and conclude they, too, can get away with crimes and lies. It doesn’t matter if the Clintons never explicitly tell Americans crime and lying are OK.

“It’s all wordless,” Kupelian said. “There are no words involved with it, but they see it and they take the example and they learn.”

Furthermore, Kupelian predicted waves of violent rage will continue to crash down on the American homeland if Hillary becomes president.

snapping_298x283“The wave of revenge against this country – forget about Hillary – [revenge] against this country for elevating somebody so unworthy as Hillary and Bill Clinton… into the White House, the revenge … will overtake people’s souls in this country.”

“Not you and me,” he told Atkinson, and maybe “not the vast American middle class, they’ll just be horrified,” said Kupelian. “But I’m saying the young people, the impressionable people … You’re going to see pathology and madness come out of the box that we haven’t seen before, and people will say, ‘Where the hell did this come from?’ And I’m telling you, that’s where it came from. You cannot put a person like that into the White House.”

Yet, according to Kupelian, there is an antidote to all the disorder that Hillary Clinton would cause and that leftists have caused.

“We’ve got to come back to God,” the author said, noting that most all of the problems America faces boil down to “fidelity to God or rebellion against God.”

Kupelian added that there are many forces in rebellion against Judeo-Christian America today: the left, Islam, the radical LGBT movement and the black nationalist movement among them. The answer, he said, is for Americans to re-discover and embrace the worldview that made America great.

“There’s no big secret,” Kupelian said. “We had a formula, we had certain worldviews, certain laws, certain sensibilities that made us the greatest country very quickly. This country’s only 240 years old. Within a few decades [of its founding] this was the most powerful country in history because it was a very Christian country. We need to come back to that.”

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