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Trump ally defends Ailes against 'outrageous' media

Hillary Clinton

CLEVELAND – In an exclusive interview with WND, Roger Stone, the co-author of the best-selling book “The Clintons’ War on Women” and a longtime friend and ally of Donald Trump, expressed his outrage over the national media’s double standard on allegations of sexual harassment.

The media, he suggested, is seeking to destroy Fox News chief Roger Ailes over sexual-harassment complaints, while giving Bill and Hillary Clinton a pass on Bill’s alleged sexual assaults and Hillary’s subsequent victimization of Bill’s victims.

“It is outrageous the mainstream media is in overdrive over these very thin allegations against Roger Ailes, while the same mainstream media continues to ignore and cover up Bill Clinton’s [alleged] sexual assaults on multiple credible witnesses and Hillary’s role as an accomplice after the fact as she threatens the victims to silence them,” Stone said.

“Despite what the mainstream media says, Roger Ailes is innocent until proven guilty,” he said.

Roger Ailes

“The mainstream media may be in for a rude surprise should Ailes leave Fox with the result Fox becomes more like CNN or MSNBC in their support of the left,” he continued. “Ailes looks to me like he may have one more start-up in him before he’s finished.”

Stone compared Bill Clinton’s history of sexual escapades to comedian Bill Cosby, now facing criminal charges for sexual abuse.

“The difference between Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby is that Bill Cosby drugged his rape victims, while Clinton physically overpowered his victims, ending his assault by biting his victims viciously on the lower lip,” Stone noted.

“Like Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton is a sexual predator,” he continued. “It’s racist that Cosby is being prosecuted, while Bill Clinton walks free.”

Allegations of sexual harassment appeared against Ailes in a complaint filed in court by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson a few weeks ago. Since then, some Fox personalities have supported her claims; others have defended Ailes.

Multiple reports have said the Murdoch family members who run 21st Century Fox, the parent of Fox News, want Ailes to go, and one of the publications suggested he was negotiating an exit with a $40 million payout.

Bill Clinton’s history is outlined by one of the witnesses to his behavior over the years: Dolly Kyle, in her book “Hillary: The Other Woman,” which is rocketing up the charts to become one of the best-selling books in the country in any category.

She’s concluded that Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is a disgrace.

“Hillary Clinton’s nomination shames women,” she told WND. “Hillary is a woman who came to power the oldest way in history – clutching the coattails of a man. To do this, she had to be more than an enabler when it came to covering for Billy’s crimes and aggression against women.”

Kyle was the childhood friend of “Billy” Clinton and eventually carried on a lengthy love affair with the future president. The affair only ended when she was threatened after the relationship threatened to pose problems for Bill Clinton’s presidential run.

“Hillary participated in threatening women who posed a threat to their power beginning with lovely Arkansas co-ed Marla Crider in 1974. Hillary intimidated Juanita Broaddrick into silence after Attorney General Bill Clinton raped the woman whose very livelihood was under the control of the attorney general’s office. She let Billy cheat on her for decades with possibly thousands of women, without repercussions. She used her sniveling sycophant Sidney Blumenthal (of Benghazi video fame) to plant false stories about me in national publications,” she said.

Kyle also argued the mainstream media is complicit in presenting a false image of Hillary Clinton as a hero for women.

“I notice Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s accomplished and beautiful daughter and campaign surrogate, is always being asked about what she thinks about her father’s conduct toward women,” she noted. “Is it interesting that no one ever asks Chelsea Clinton what she thinks about her father’s conduct toward women, or what she thinks about her mother’s enabling of it?”

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