On the evening of Sept. 11, 2012, our U.S. mission in Benghazi was savagely attacked by heavily armed and professionally led terrorists. In the several hours, the facility was under bombardment. Ambassador Chris Stevens, a highly regarded and loyal career diplomat, was telephoning and emailing desperately to request aid from our State Department, reaching out in every possible way for help from the government he so ably served.

In weeks before the attack, he had asked his superiors for more security, because of known threats and actual preparations by al-Qaida and other terrorist groups in Libya. He knew, and told them, he was in grave danger. The British embassy had already evacuated and personnel left the country, knowing of the same threats and imminent attacks.

Stevens’ pleas for more reinforcement and protection were ignored and denied.

Almost two hours after the attack began and pleas for help were sent out, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was made aware of the assault, and her account is that she notified then CIA Director Petraeus, asking him to gather information and be involved – and then … and then … we have been given no account of what Secretary Clinton did after that. There have been reports by people in the State Department and White House that President Obama was packing for a flight to Las Vegas for a fundraiser and that Hillary Clinton was also absent from the situation room, occupied with other personal activities. Neither she nor the president have bothered, or stepped up, to account for their activities during the rest of the hours until the attack in Benghazi was over.

“What difference does it make?”

Further, though there were many eyewitnesses on the ground in Benghazi, including Americans and friendly Libyans, the “government” has issued instructions to all of them – at least 120 or more – to grant no interviews or give any information they may have, even to congressional investigative committees that have every right to find out exactly what was happening that tragic night!

On May 8, 2013, when Hillary Clinton finally appeared before a House Oversight Committee investigating the whole Benghazi incident, and she was being asked pointedly why she, knowing that the attack was a well planned terrorist assault, as Ambassador Stevens had forewarned, had initially directed that the whole thing be blamed on “an anti-Islam video,” which she knew immediately was not the case. She notoriously replied: “What difference does it make?

“What difference does it make?”

She was trying to assert that trying to assess blame or determine who did what while our mission was on fire was now irrelevant and not worthy of consideration. We should just move on and try to figure out how such things might be prevented in the future.

Just put the whole thing behind us, and absolve her of any responsibility. Move on. Focus on whether she’d be a great president of the United States.

“What difference does it make?”

The answer to that question: Ambassador Chris Stevens. Information officer Sean Smith. CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. All dead. Their families and loved ones deprived forever of these dedicated public servants and exemplary Americans.

They’d be alive today if their on-the-ground pleas for security had been heeded, if, even at the last minute, air support and other measures had been commanded by the State Department to come to their aid.

Those lives, and some others, are “the difference it makes.”

Now we fast-forward to the congressional questioning of FBI Director James Comey, who just decided, after a year of intensive investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her admitted mishandling of highly classified information, that he couldn’t recommend charges be brought by Attorney General Loretta Lynch. “No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” he said.

Really? He himself detailed facts showing that:

  • Hillary lied about having one personal server. (She had several, including the one in the closet at her home, unattended by anybody, in itself a crime!)
  • Hillary lied about using one phone. (She had “multiple phones.”)
  • Hillary lied about never sending or receiving any classified emails. (Comey detailed over 100, at least three top secret, but who knows how many there actually were?)
  • Hillary lied in claiming she had turned over all her email files to the FBI. (30,000 were kept and destroyed “by her lawyers.”)

Comey also said that she hadn’t become knowledgeable about the uses of the computers and servers, and that’s why she was so “sloppy, careless and negligent” – though she had spent 20 years in the White House, the U.S. Senate and as secretary of state.

The FBI is in possession of emails between Clinton and Huma Abedin, her closest adviser for many years (whose parents are actively involved with the Muslim Brotherhood since its inception). These emails regarded the best ways to keep her own private servers separate and known only to her and her closest advisers. Director Comey didn’t see any of that as “intent.”

Finally, one of the congressmen asked whether Comey would have summarily fired any of his top agents for similar, even lesser, lies and transgressions. And he had to agree there would be penalties, possibly discharge if proven.

Well, again, the question, when it comes to Hillary: “What difference does it make?”

If her opponents in the November election will keep playing that tape of her pathetic question, the voters will let her know “what difference.”

For the future of this nation, we had better.

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